Neighbourhood Servant Revelations 6, Translated!

Okay, believe it or not someone actually scanned this and asked me whether I was interested.

So can I call this a commission? I guess I could…

So anyways, i’ll keep the¬†commissioner¬†anonymous unless he tells me otherwise, but yeah, here’s Neighbourhood Servant Revelations 6!

As I Pray, Unlimited Pantsu Works

p.s. Archer is the hero we all aspire to be.

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[F/HA] One Day Volume 14 Translated!

That’s the last of ’em for now. Enjoy, folks!


On a side note, after Type-Moon stops letting their IP be used over and over and over again for handheld fight sims (and quite possibly RPGs now), maybe they can realize that old april fool’s joke of theirs in the form of a Next-Gen wrestling sim!

Edit: I misspelt the finnish word for 5. “Viisi” not “Vissi”. My bad. Thanks to the guy who pointed it out. Replacement page here. Also replacement page for the fuckup in the preface.

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Heaven’s Failure Volume 3 – BackNight, Translated!

This actually kind of plays on the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia thing where Avenger takes Shirou(ko)’s form thus leading to the birth of Anriko (sounds better than angrako or mainyu-ko) as Bazett’s servant.

I guess if you have your enemies falling head over heels for you, you don’t really even need to fight, you can make them fight themselves.

Also, C76 in 5 days. May talk on that later.


Art by KeG. This guy’s seriously good.

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Heaven’s Feel? More like Heaven’s Failure! Here’s Volume 2 Translated

I wish I hadn’t taken so long, but hey- I’m drowning in a Sea of Dirac Unnecessary work here!


So without (much) further ado, I leave you Heaven’s Failure Volume 2 in English! While an obligatory beach volume, I’m unsure if this is relevant to Nazarielle’s interests, since it features a rather…different Ilya as a main character…

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[F/HA] One Day Vol. 8 Translated! Or rather, should I be calling this another case of Sakura’s jealousy gone awry?

‘Cause seriously, I can’t think of anything else to call it.


I usually post this on /tm/ first, but as of late the board’s down pending a server move, so i’m waiting it out for the time being. Will post this there ASAP once the server move is completed.

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