KnK Fuukan Fuukei Chapter 4

After a month of my translator being away, and me still sucking at Starcraft 2, I think we’re ready to get back on track.

Here’s Chapter 4 of the KnK anthology, so enjoy! It’s short, but funny.

Also, if anyone reading this, if willing and able, would you be willing to spare a bit of server space, or at the least has any advice on some? Mediafire seems to not like me anymore, and I loathe depositfiles and rapidshit.

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There is a horrible, horrible lack of Kara no Kyoukai Translated Material on the Internet.

Seriously. Aside from the 5/7ths of the novel, that is.

That, is why, I hereby present my newest project, brought to you with a pint of fanboyism, a skipped lunch or two to buy a tankoubon from Kinokuniya, lack of sleep and a papercut.

Here’s Kara no Kyoukai’s Comic Ala Carte, the Fuukan Fukei Book.

Basically, an anthology dedicated to Kara no Kyoukai, and a whole lot of fun to edit. It is without further ado, that I present to you, Chapter 1.

Mediafire: HERE

After all, I formed this “group” to edit Type-Moon stuff. It’s about time I went back to doing just that.

The Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Manga – of daylight and to save grace

This is our bridge connecting the pasts and futures of Kara no Kyoukai, and it has been translated.


A little background: I just found out these are the manga shorts Takeuchi drew for Mirai Fukuin: Recalled out Summer’s (KnK’s 8th and latest chapter) release at ’08’s summer comiket and subsequent sales.

From what I know these comics come WITH Mirai Fukuin and the book was a Comiket-scheduled release since T-M got tempbanned from comiket for a year (or rather, just summer 08) after ’07 winter.

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A really funny Kara no Kyoukai sidestory comic – 01 – feline

I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here, but it’s awesome.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, I mean, it has Takeuchi written all over it, but no credits.

Anyway, Shiki takes care of an abandoned cat while Mikiya’s away on “business” and Azaka and Touko aren’t much of a help. What ensues? Read on!

Also, I take no credit for editing and/or arranging for the translations. Thanks, O anon of koichan. I just rar’d these ’cause people may not like reading in a browser.

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