Tales of Vesperia for Europe released with Dual Audio?

Well, by now most people know Tales of BLAH BLAH BLAH TIDAL WAVE Vesperia is slated for a June release in Europe. In 2009. Yeah, this year.

Best costume in the game next to Carol’s trap outfit.

So I was all like, that’s fine and all, since Europe generally gets JRPGs localized a lot later than bigger markets (The U.S) or markets closer to the region (SouthEast Asia) and this’d be a good chance for them to enjoy delicious Rita etc.

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[F/HA] One Day Vol. 12 (or the otherwise obligatory fanservice instalment) Translated!

When the cast of Fate gather to take a load off the Summer weather, fanservice and hilarity can only ensue.

Oh, and maybe a few jaws’ll get broken~


Enjoy the nosebleeds~

And so my life was unlimited editing works. I have to admit though, it is great fun doing all this, even if I do juggle proofing and editing~

So basically, this is the obligatory beach episode of One Day Series, and it comes equipped with delicious Bazett, Sakura, Rider, Rin and Ayako. For the loli-lovers, there’s delicious Ilya.

To explain the non-linear order of scanlation work, I love Haruhi and I think its total non-linear mindfuck way of airing episodes is totally sugoi the translator wanted to work on Vol. 5, but it got held up a little behind this and there is no sequential order of events in the One Day series anyway.

This particular instalment focuses on well…a popular summer destination (the beach) and knowing the cast of Fate, there’s always going to be a problem or two. Join Ayako as she struggles to keep her sanity from being destroyed by Rider and her pranks, or Bazett as she tries to look good in her new swimsuit in front of Lancer.

With that being said, “amateur” is probably the lamest word I could misspell (hopefully the better bulk of the intent I was conveying got through) and Sella is the greatest maid ever.

I really need to look for these doujins around K-books/Mandarake sometime later this year.

Time to start work on Volume 5 then, see you when that’s done!

A Certain Scientific Railgun Anime?

Well, at this point…there’s not much of a consensus of whether it’s actually a real tankoubon scan or announcement or whatnot. Hardly owing that to the fact that whoever scanned/photographed/shooped it didn’t exactly make the best job of it…


sauce: plus9

>9000 hours in PS? Maybe. Personally, i’m glad if this turns out to be fact.



Here’s to (probable?) waiting~



Wait, something’s not right…

That aside, the manga’s going strong, and shiraishi is pretty awesome in her own right. One thing I find pretty funny is how it portrays the cheesy drug-dealer/junkie stereotype you see in all those anti-drug adverts~

Strike Witches S2 information in Nyantype as well?

Apparently the buzz is all about Nyantype being the magazine for the “Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha FORCE” or “Magical Military History Chronicle Lyrical Nanoha FORCE” comic and carrying information on the first Nanoha movie…

But it will also carry information on Strike Witches Season 2! A scoop, they call it!


Takei and Ayaka for the massive win. FUND IT GONZO.

Source: 2ch

Also, Nanoha had that a-many serializations? Good God. And not to mention the new one in Comp Ace….”Magical Lyrical Nanoha ViViD”….

[F/HA] One Day Vol. 4 – Translated

I think i twittered it some time back, but yeah, it was a great read.


Truth be told, I was the anon who volunteered for the editing job. While it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, it was actually a joy to edit for the very rare fact this is one of the odd fate doujins that isn’t H/H-alt, but rather funny and more lassiez-faire than anything else.

On a more personal note, the artist, Fue (of the circle ronpaia) may not exactly have the best (read:zomgdropdeadawesome) art, but somehow what his art manages to do is capture the funny, laid-back side of the Fate world. From a scheming Rin to a ignorant, easily embarrased Saber.

You can grab it here, for those who haven’t. I don’t profess to have good cleaning skills either :/

P.S: To the anon who translated. Up for the beach episode? 😉

P.P.S: Completely OT but arc rise fantasia (a really nice-looking JRPG for the Wii) now has a release date set in stone. 4th June. Thanks to Neogaf user Aeana and this source.

Finally beat Star Ocean 4

I can’t say I was actually blown away. It was pretty fun, even if painful beyond reason at times.


<3 her Blindside

That said, Star Ocean 4 is pretty good overall, but its a shame squeenix and tri-ace didn’t want to include Japanese voice tracks as part of audio selection for the Asian release version and put out an English and Japanese version (like, wtf square! You put the game across three DVDs and couldn’t put in Japanese voice tracks with subs?) of which local retailers only wish to import the english version (now that I can’t blame. I mean not everyone speaks Japanese as SUGOI SUGOI as the Japanese themselves)

[spoilers from here on. Well actually from the 3rd paragraph on. Hell, even wikipedia didn’t care for spoiler warnings]

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