Fate/Stay Night – The Movie Announced!

Hot off the press! Right on the heels of Type-Moon’s C76 product lineup announcement comes this.



Which basically means Fate/Stay Night’s getting a movie. Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night HELL YES.

Official Website HERE


No details have been announced yet, cast, studio or release date wise.

Please, Type-Moon, Please have ufotable do a full-length movie of Heaven’s Feel. Please.

EDIT: Apparently if you whois fatestaynight.jp it appears the registrar of the domain is GENEON entertainment, most notable for working with DEEN, Type Moon, TBS…etc on the Fate Project. (Thanks for this, /fate/)

Well, on the bright side DEEN’s doing pretty good with umineko imo, that and Jikogu Shoujo was pretty decent in it’s own right. Guess I don’t have much to complain about.

Type Moon @ Comiket 76

This is so Iluna can help me buy stuff and stop asking me when they update their site ufufu~

Okay so basically much hasn’t changed. Type Moon is still on the same floor, same hall.

Their schedule for these 3 days is:

開催期間 2009年8月14日(金) / 15日(土) / 16日(日)
開催時間 10:00~17:00(14日.15日)/10:00~16:00(16日)
ブース位置 西地区4階 企業ブース211 TYPE-MOON

EDIT: 14th-16th August, 14th-15th they’ll be open from 1000hrs to 1700 hrs (10 am to 5 pm) at the Nishi Hall (East Hall) 4th floor commercial booth 211. They open from 1000hrs to 1400 hrs (10 am to 4 pm) on the 16th.

Good thing this year is that there are 3 sets as opposed to 4 seperate items in 2008 winter. On the flipside I felt that Winter ’08’s set was far more gratifying (at least, perhaps, for artfags)

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Kara no Kyoukai Comic Ala Carte – The Truth and The Lies, Translated!

I said what Comic Ala Carte was before, so I think that needs little explanation. That being said, I think I’m more addicted to anthologies than actual manga now, go me.


I’ll probably scan more anthologies as I go along, found an awesome one done by Hiroyama Hiroshi (The mangaka for Kaleid Ilya) for Comp Ace sometime back, so I’ll try that!

EDIT: Fixed a small spelling error with touko’s name. All files replaced, sorry for the trouble.

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Heaven’s Feel? More like Heaven’s Failure! Here’s Volume 2 Translated

I wish I hadn’t taken so long, but hey- I’m drowning in a Sea of Dirac Unnecessary work here!


So without (much) further ado, I leave you Heaven’s Failure Volume 2 in English! While an obligatory beach volume, I’m unsure if this is relevant to Nazarielle’s interests, since it features a rather…different Ilya as a main character…

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