Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 12 – Riddle


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 12 – Riddle

“Here’s the question. What bird is always out of its mind?”
“Ehh…. Ummmm… Uhhhh… Ahh… Hmmm… Ah, ah… Achoo! I-, I sneezed…”
“Ah! I got it! A cuckoo!”
“Correct. Okay, next one. What has many eyes and no mouth?”
“Uh… Umm… An alien?”
“Incorrect. A potato does. Think harder. Thing aren’t as they appear. *smirk*”
“Oooh… Next one, next one!”
“Alright, next question. Where in a house do you breathe harder just by being in it?”
“Ah… Hmm.”
“What is it…”
“Tick, tick, tick, bzzzzt. Time’s up. The answer is a pantry. Too bad.”
”Gaah, I can’t believe it! Next one!”
“Last one, then. Where is love found?”
“Love…? Uhhh…. Errr….”
“Ho ho ho, I’ve got it! In a glove! Love is part of glove!”
”Bzzzt, wrong. Love is found in my big heart that cares for you two.”
“… (*blush*)”
“… (*blush*)” Th-, that’s not fair… You say that stuff now and then, but…”
“Auu… L-, love is in me too!”
“You’re wearing a glove?”
“N-, no!”
“Ooooh, no fair, no fair! Meanie! Are you going to make fun of us forever!?”
“Okay, it’s bed time for kids.” (*hup*)
“Stupid! Dummy!”

Notes after the jump. These are somewhat essential.

EDIT: Okay after a bit of consideration, the non-literal version seems a little more…fitting translation-wise. Consider it replaced, literal one after the jump.

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Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 11 – A Day at the Beach


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 11 – A Day at the Beach

“Whee, the beach is fun!”
“*float**bubble*…. It’s a little scary, but it feels nice and cool!”
“Don’t tell me this is your first time here.”
“Yep (yes)!”
“I see. Then I’ll let you try the bad-tasting yakisoba and the syrup covered shaved ice.”
“…I don’t wanna eat that stuff! You make something, Archer!”
“W-, we came all this way to have fun together, to I want something tasty too.”
“You don’t quite get it… Trips have their own rules and related emotions. Even if you neglect the utility of doing things you can only do when and where you are, it’s important to grow and develop, you two.”
“Boo, that’s weird…Well then, what do you think of the Magnificent Rin’s special bathing suit appearance, a treat you can only see right here, Archer!?”
“Where on earth did you learn words like that…”
“Hm? What’s wrong, Sakura?”
“Auu… (*blush*) (-Seems to be conscious of it now)”
“Hmm. You’re stumpy right now, but in ten years you’ll probably be something. What do you think of that?”
“Grrrrr…I can’t tell if you’re praising us or insulting us!”
“Auuu… (*blush*) (-Still conscious of it)”
“Alright, first off, I’ll teach you how to play in the water.”
“Auuuuu~ (*blush*) (-Still conscious of it)”

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 10 – Not for Nothing


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 10 – Not for Nothing

“Phew, sorry for the wait. Here you go, popsicles!”
“…Hm? What’s wrong?”
“Even though it’s hot in the summer, when we go outside you’re always dressed like that, Archer…”
“…Huh? I’m a servant, and you are my masters. To protect you I have to be ever-vigilant and battle-ready, right?”
“…… Archer-san’s always trying his hardest just for us… I think it’s okay for you to want to have more fun…”
“…Heh, silly. Adults don’t worry about such small things.”
“We’re short because we’re kids, so we can’t help it… Could we play by ourselves for today?”
“Honestly… Did you really think I was with you two just out of a duty and obligation?
“Being with you is…”
“Ah-! That’s right, why don’t we say it’s fun to watch? I’m really just teasing you, anyway.”
“…Mmm… Hmph, then I guess we’ll let you stay with us!”
“Ahhh… You were making fun of us…?”
“Heh heh… When I’m with you two…”
“Hmm, here, eat up. It’s sweet.”

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 09 – Perks


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 09 – Perks

“Rin, I made some porridge. *blow*… Here, say ahh.”
“Eh heh heh… Ahhh.”
“It’s pretty hard to season food for sick people… How is it?”
“Ith tathty… Eh heh heh.”
“Whaaaat…? You must be sick, Rin.”
“…Hm? What’s wrong, Sakura?”
“Oooooh. Ooooooh…”
“(Even when you’re sick… There are perks!)”

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 08 – A Summer Cold


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 08 – A Summer Cold

“Are you alright, Rin?”
“You might catch it too, so you don’t have to force yourselves to be here… *cough cough*…”
“Hmmph… Even with a fever, you talk tough…”
“Archer-san… I’ll stay with Nee-san, so…”
“…Hmm… Ah, Rin. Come to think of it, do you remember that I seemed sluggish yesterday?”
“*Cough*… Huh… Oh yeah, you were sort of tired, right…”
“I carelessly caught a cold. That’s why you’re suffering.”
“Eh… Then I caught it from you, Archer?”
“Yes, that’s right. When it comes down to it, a servant can’t really protect their master from a cold, can they?”
“Th-… That’s awful… I’ve never heard of a servant like that… Oooh…”
“So I’ll be responsible and stay with you until you get better. It’s my fault, anyway.”
“…Eh? …Th… That’s obvious! You’d better let me have a delicious cake when I get better, or I won’t forgive you!”
“Yes, I promise to show you what I’m capable of. It is, after all, my fault.”
“Yeah… It’s Archer’s fault… Heh heh…”
“Archer-san… Eh heh heh…”

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 07 – At the behest of a Command Seal


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 07 – At the behest of a command seal.

Hey, you two… I’m waiting.”
“Heh heh, this is our last resort.”
“You’re going to have to listen to us!”
“Take all of the peppers out of today’s dinner (please)!”


“Uuuu… Noo!”
“We’ll use a command seal!”
“You two… Keep in mind that you only have three of those to use. If I put peppers in tomorrow and the day after that you won’t have any choice but to eat them.”
“You bully!”
“You sadist! This is child abuse!”
“Yes, yes, I get it already, do make sure to eat.”

Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 06 – Mr. Thunder and Ms. Kitten


Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 06 – Mr. Thunder and Ms. Kitten.

“Thunder is scary…!” (*shaking*)
“H-Hah! You’re a scaredy-cat, Sakura! It’s nothing to hide from! It’s just a natural phenomenon!”
“Hmm…By the way, Rin, do you know the story about how Mr. Thunder will steal your belly button?”
“Th-… That kind of stuff is just superstition!”
“Setting aside your skepticism towards the mysterious despite the fact that you practice magic…There is an actual basis for that story. Did you know that in Indian religions, the navel is a current for one’s essence, or basically one of the Chakra points on the body?”
“…” (Seems to know.)
“The god of lightning’s favorite food is a person’s fresh essence. Since ancient times, that essence has been tinged with magic, or magical power in other words…
After he finds a human who has it, the god judges them along with the thunder and then sucks out their magical power through their belly button.”
“…Auuuu…” (Shaking)
“I-, I said that’s…”
“I think you’re a superb mage, Rin.”
“Don’t let them take Nee-san…! *Sniff*”
“…Y-, you bully! Meanie meanie meanie! I hate you, Archer! Now we have to sleep together today!” (*sniff*)
“Yes, yes. Understood.”

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 05 – It’s a Promise


Together with House- Husband, Part 1, Chapter 05 – It’s a Promise

“Woooow… It’s so pretty!”
“That’s the Milky Way.”
“Archer-san, what constellation is that star in?”
“Hmm… Well… I really can’t tell the difference…”
“Feh. That’s pathetic for the strongest of the servants.”
“Hmmph. Now you’ve said it. Fine. I’ll look it up and show you by tomorrow.”
“Eh… But the Milky Way is enough for me…”
“Next year, too… Let’s come here again… With everyone.”
“Yeah… Tell us then, Archer.”
“…Alright. Understood.”