KnK Fuukan Fuukei Chapter 4

After a month of my translator being away, and me still sucking at Starcraft 2, I think we’re ready to get back on track.

Here’s Chapter 4 of the KnK anthology, so enjoy! It’s short, but funny.

Also, if anyone reading this, if willing and able, would you be willing to spare a bit of server space, or at the least has any advice on some? Mediafire seems to not like me anymore, and I loathe depositfiles and rapidshit.

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There is a horrible, horrible lack of Kara no Kyoukai Translated Material on the Internet.

Seriously. Aside from the 5/7ths of the novel, that is.

That, is why, I hereby present my newest project, brought to you with a pint of fanboyism, a skipped lunch or two to buy a tankoubon from Kinokuniya, lack of sleep and a papercut.

Here’s Kara no Kyoukai’s Comic Ala Carte, the Fuukan Fukei Book.

Basically, an anthology dedicated to Kara no Kyoukai, and a whole lot of fun to edit. It is without further ado, that I present to you, Chapter 1.

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After all, I formed this “group” to edit Type-Moon stuff. It’s about time I went back to doing just that.

Princess Resurrection gets another OVA together with Tankoubon 13 LE!


A Sylvia is fine too.

From Comic Natalie

Small shitty TL of this excerpt:

2007年にTVアニメが放送された光永康則「怪物王女」が再びアニメ化されることが決定。今冬発売される単行本13巻限定版に付属するアニメーション DVDに収録される。

Mitsunaga Yasunori’s series “Kaibutsu Oujo” (Princess Resurrection), which got it’s original TV adaptation in ’07, will be animated once more! Comes with Kaibutsu Oujo’s Limited Edition Tankoubon Vol. 13, set for sale this winter.

Together with House-Husband, Part 3, Chapter 2 – At The End Of Fate

Together with House-Husband, Part 3, Chapter 2 – At The End Of Fate


A hard sound rang out as iron boots struck the floor. Perhaps the time was ripe, or perhaps her doubts had disappeared. The sleeping lion at last took the first step.


Tohsaka Tokiomi, watching over the enemy master and servant, awakened the Mystic Code he had let slumber and prepared his counterattack.

Generations of Tohsaka family heads before him had amassed vertiable arsenals of numerous magical artifacts over the course of time. Yet, even while all those treasures protected him, the enormous pressure in front of him made his very bones shake.

…So this is Servant Saber.

His view of the enemy from a distance had been gravely mistaken. From her eyes, she gave forth the unmistakable bearing of a ruler- The dignity of a mighty lion, the undisputed king of all beasts.

Facing her allowed him to understand the difference in their power, and he altered his previous assumptions of her abilities.

Could a human really ever defeat such a thing?

“Tohsaka Tokiomi.”

Archer spoke from behind him. Tokiomi turned his head, his shoulders trembling.

“…Hm… I’m being made light of… It seems.”

“I’d be more surprised if it could just end with you being insulted in front of pressure like that.”

The force was more than enough to overwhelm a human being. Women and Children might die just from her glare.

“Servants are for other Servants. I’ll take over. In exchange… I want you to protect those two.”


Tokiomi caught his breath at Archer’s words.

“…You can’t be planning on challenging them alone, can you? What about the “Magus Killer”?”

Tokiomi turned a grave eye towards Kiritsugu. The Magus Killer… to them the name was a mark of shame, the black mark given to a murderer of his fellow magi, destined to be feared and despised.

Frowning slightly, Archer directed a glance at Kiritsugu below him.

Both of Kiritsugu’s arms that should have been cut off by Archer. Yet by means he did not yet know, they appeared to be reconnected to his body. Fortunately, Kiritsugu’s face lacked the luster and vitality that indicated a complete recovery.

Emiya Kiritsugu was a sorcerer devoted to killing his opponents without considering his own life. Living as he did, it would mean numerous close calls with death itself. Not being attacked would be a rarity unto itself.

Thus, there was only one reason Archer could consider. The treatment of Kiritsugu’s arms was not yet complete.

“He might not be able to attack right now. That doesn’t mean he’s powerless, though. That’s why I want you to protect those two.”


Tohsaka Tokiomi. Only a short time had passed since they had met, but he appeared to be the type who placed more value in intelligence and hard facts over flashes of insight.

His abilities, his compatibility with Saber, what would happen after this… many thoughts hurdled through his mind. After a moment’s hesitation, he raised his head and peered at Archer. There was no longer any indecision in Tokiomi’s eyes, both for this situation, and for what was to come as well.

He was resolved that he would simply have to believe in Archer.

“Alright. Make sure you win, Archer. You have to protect your promise with my daughters.”

He fell back, and crouched down in front of the two children. Tokiomi began to speak about something. Archer smiled wryly once to the side at Rin, so meek in front of her father, and leapt down from the roof of the bridge.


The air changed. The wind onboard that had quieted slightly became hard and cold at the presence of the two heroes.

His overcoat flapping in the powerful wind, Archer stood with white and black in his hand, the two swords, Kanshou and Bakuya.

“Kanshou, Bakuya… We’ve been truly blessed. Blessed by the best pair of masters we could ever have asked for.”

“Let’s make their wish come true… show me your strength… one more time.”

The sword blades quietly reflected the red light and stood still. He was always pushing them, but they were comrades to the end. That was why he could trust them. If he was with them, he could do it.

Preparations, Complete.

“Seems I’ve kept you waiting, Saber.”


Her eyes narrowed slightly, and she glared at Archer. The imposing figure holding the golden sword seemed somehow less motivated than before.

“Is it alright for you to show that corpse of yours to those children?”

What came from her mouth was a voice of astonishing bitterness. Archer’s eyes grew wide, and smiled bitterly with an expression of chagrin.

“…Heh. That’s an odd thing to say, King of Knights. You had legions of soldiers, knights who followed you into battle. Did any of them go to battle assuming they would lose?”


“They… had faith. They believed. They had absolute trust in your victory. That’s exactly why they could fight. Am I wrong?”

Saber stood dumbfounded for a moment at Archer’s words. But she closed her mouth and grinded her teeth, and strongly shook her head. Just like she was trying to deny something.

The face that was raised had no trace of doubt or unrest on it. A firm countenance. Beautiful, but terrifying blue eyes stared at Archer unblinkingly.

“I don’t understand… You have feelings of belief as well.”

“Yes, I do. I have a firm belief. That’s why my victory is certain.”

“Fine. Then words are unnecessary.”

Saber readied her golden blade. The sword of certain victory that had torn so many hopes and dreams to pieces. Pressing the iron conviction that only grew by accepting that weight, she readied her blade.

“Whichever of us whose feelings, whose beliefs are lacking… shall be brought to their knees.”

Archer brought up his two swords to confront her. He placed the path he had believed in and his emotions on the dual blades and took up his stance.

Rising heat between them. The frozen air. Time seemed to repeat itself, replaying their earlier confrontation.

They exchanged glances of certain death, the very embodiment of their fates.

Onboard the ship adrift on the Mion within the dead of night, stood two figures of Red and Blue, heroes at fate’s end, once more embroiled in battle.

Together With House Husband, Part 3, Chapter 2.

The two heroes clash as a result of wishes and desires they cannot surrender.

They take up the sword to protect that which they prize and love more than anything.

Standing at the end of fate, what awaits them?

Together with House-Husband, Part 3, Chapter 1 – Where the wind doth blow.

Together with House-Husband, Part 3, Chapter 1 – Where the wind doth blow

*Chirp Chirp*

Insects cried.

On the side of the road, in the trees, on top of the iron bridge. Everywhere, their repulsive bodies were squirming.


Midway along the Mion River, bugs hidden in thickets on the river side sensed a howl that rocked the earth and trembled. Devoid of eyes or ears, the insects relied solely on their mouths to perceive the figure.

In the middle of the river, an enormous swarm of shadow advanced, blanketing the water like an oil spill. One by one, the shadows, as large as two houses combined, formed a herd and proceeded down the Mion.

*Chirp Chirp*

The shadow’s structure was beautiful in how it was ordered, depending on how one would see it. Though rather than a herd, it was better to call it a battalion, having organized itself into groups to subjugate this strange land, much like the ancient legions of old.

Yes, just as if the shadow was proceeding forthwith to wage war, it rallied itself and pushed on down the river.



With a light bump, an insect landed on the body. Several streaks of arrows flew from the flock of shadows, one piercing the insect deep within it’s body.

As if nothing had occurred, the shadow continued to advance. It’s target the lower reaches of the Mion, Fuyuki Bridge.

The shadow’s objective was obvious. It had challenged the king in battle, and would crush the foolish knight into pieces-

“I’ll get going, then.”

He gave Rin and Sakura’s heads a gentle brush. Standing in wait for him on the sun deck were Saber and Kiritsugu. He would defeat them, and withdraw from this place.



They tried their best in front of Archer, but Rin and Sakura could not hide their fear of the two enemies waiting in the wings.

This was a full-blown battle between sorcerers. An inhuman battle that employed the highest class of Ghost Liners. No matter how they struggled, it was murder, a battlefield of death. It was natural that they were frightened.

“Are you afraid?”

“…Yeah… A-, aren’t you… Scared?”

“Oooh… I-, it’s…”

“…It’s alright. It’s alright to be frightened.”


Their eyes went wide, and they stared at Archer’s face.

“Magicians and Servants alike are both frightening beings. There’s no difference there. They kill and are killed, their lives ruled by battle.”

“B… But, we still like you, Archer!”

“It’s okay!”

“O-, okay, enough. I understand, to don’t say it over and over. Honestly…”

Archer made a slightly embarrassed smile. He narrowed his eyes and looked into the faces of his kind masters.

“But I want you two to understand. I want you to understand that that’s what the world of a mage is like. No matter how pure your motivation, it boils down to that. Yet, that resolve, the ability to trample over someone else’s wishes, someone else’s life, cannot be gained in a day.”

“You can’t become someone like that, able to consider such things so easily.”



“And that’s why. On the long road that starts from here, in case you find the path you have to take, or the course you should pursue, you have to develop the necessary feelings within your hearts.”

“For your future, for that which you wish to become, you should give nothing but your all. I’ll protect you for the sake of that future, so it’s alright if you’re frightened now.



After he spoke, the two frowned. Even if he told them it was alright, they did not want to worry him. Archer heaved a sigh and lightly poked their foreheads.



“But you know, being scared all the time isn’t good for you. That’s why I’m going to teach you a secret to conquering your fear right away.”


“I-, is there one?”

“It’s easy. Just think about really tasty food.”

“Let’s say for… tomorrow! I’ll make anything you two want.”

“Huh? R-, really!?”


“Yes, anything. Start thinking.”

The two flashed their smiles. Originally it had been a method of calming a pouting lion, but it seemed quite effective on children as well. Archer made a satisfied smile as he looked at the now recovered Rin and Sakura and then stood.

I go forth now. Forth to protect these smiles.

The knight in red once more took up his sword. Not for just himself, but for those important to him, and to keep on illuminating the path before him.

“I’ll be back, my Masters.”

“…Okay! See you later!”

“…Good luck, Archer-san!”

Cheers of unmatchable trust at his back, Archer strode forth to the battlefield.

Together With House Husband, Part 3, Chapter 1.

The knight sets forth.

The dream was always testing the bearer. A hand continued to reach out form the bottom of the darkness.

But he wavered no longer. No matter how strong the wind, he would protect others. He would stride forward, strength in his heart.

So go. Go to protect the tomorrow of those precious to you.