Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 41 – The Answer (End)

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 41 – The Answer (End)

…What did he say?

The boy’s words were too shocking. Archer couldn’t understand what they meant.

“…It’s not that I understand everything. No, I think you’re the only one who knows, Mister. About your pain. But, even so, Mister… You saved people, right?”


“After I split up with you in the department store, I carried that girl, and went down the stairs. And then there was lots of people who had been cared for. Her dad was there too. I guess he had been looking for her the whole time… He was happy he found her. He was so glad she was safe… He cried.”

The boy spoke. He spoke with all of his heart.

“There were lots of people there. Kids, and older people too. Moms and dads, and grandpas and grandmas. …Did you know this? You saved my dad and mom too, Mister.”

That ideal, that dream. What had it been born form? Where had it sprung form?

“Everyone was grateful. They were so happy they were safe. They said they “We’re so glad you’re safe, Shirou!”. It was happy, you know…? I, I was so happy that my mom and dad were safe!”

It was to convey… This feeling.

“Everyone thanked the person who had saved them. They said thanks to you, Mister, and I wanted to tell you that.”


“…I thought it was really cool. I wanted to be someone like that. I want to be a person who can protect the people I care about, and other people’s happiness. Because it’s cool! You don’t tell anyone you’re name, and you don’t get anything in return. You just think about helping others. That’s… What an ally of justice is, right?”


Wasn’t that hypocrisy? Wasn’t it an act devoid of salvation? Was it not something that wouldn’t reach his own self? The foolish uncertainty of help that asked for no return? What was it?

…What was the warm feeling inside his chest?

That’s why. Even if it hurts… It’s would be great if I could live like that.”


“Do you not like pain, Mister?”


That had been fine. If he could save someone, it was fine. He was happy, no matter how painful it was.

“Do you leave people alone when they’re crying, Mister? Do you leave them alone because it hurts?”

….No. No. Not that for sure. It was the last remaining piece of dignity within his heart.

“I don’t like that. I’m… Like you, Mister. I want to help people who are crying. I want to protect people’s smiles. If everyone can be full of happiness… Then I would definitely be happy.”


That’s right.

I noticed because of Rin and Sakura’s smiles. I was able to remember what I should have gained by helping people, what a smile desires. That’s why…

That’s why I could never kill the boy in front of me. I could never forget their smiles. I could never throw away this dream. I never could have.

“…It’s my loss.”

“…Huh? Were we playing some kind of game?”

“It was a once in a lifetime kind of contest… For me.”

“Is there a prize?”


Archer gave a wry smile and rubbed the boy’s head. Such a  gentle smile… How many days had it been?

He didn’t think anything of that. That smile… was a smile… completely free from doubt.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 41 – Answer: End.

…However, that doesn’t mean he had lost it. No matter what Hell he fell into, no matter what thorn he touched. It didn’t disappear. He didn’t let go.

Among the forest of thorns, the man was called, and he heeded.

A miraculous year of kindness appeared. He gave, and was blessed in turn.

He walked towards the year filled with kindness and blessings. The small smiling faces gave him the light of hope. A clear light to lead him away from the dark, thorny path.

What was there after the light was extinguished? What was thereafter the warmth was lost? There was nothing.

That’s why he would carry just the light and continue walking on. Without despair, he would walk on, believing solely in the light. As long as he never abandoned that emotion of hope, he could go anywhere.

The dream had not been a mistake.

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40 – The Answer (Beginning)

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40 – The Answer (Beginning)

“What’s wrong, Mister?”

Noticing the look of tormented anguish on Archer’s face, the boy stopped his work and spoke. Tortured by an irritation he couldn’t understand, Archer glared at the boy. But the young face before his eyes did not even begin to change its worried expression.

“…Save someone. Help another. Boy. Those feelings of yours, that urge… Will hurt you one day.”

“…Huh? Why?”

“There’s no end. If you endlessly seek smiling faces, it won’t stop at just that. When people are suffering, the cause amounts to an obstacle. Removing that obstacle means helping someone, or saving them. If one person is making another suffer, you have to punish them. If that person is hurt, someone else cries for them. It’s that, over and over again.

“…Why’s that? Why can’t they be friends? Why do they have to fight?”

“…Two people will have different views. Even if two people could take each others hands, what about ten? A hundred? So many opinions, so many feelings, so much happiness that should be protected… Those feelings won’t be resolved just by holding hands with each other.”

Perhaps it was little difficult to understand. The boy looked downward like he was brooding for a moment and let out a tiny groan. Maybe he was thinking of something.

“If you lend your strength to one person, you incur another’s wrath. And then the accumulated resentment, the bitterness, the grudges of those who couldn’t be saved… Everything you do will come back to you. The weight of your sins will always, always continue to tear at you. Are you fine with a life of suffering like that?”

The boy frowned. After making a troubled expression like he was pondering something, he glanced at Archer. The radiance in his eyes gradually brightened, and then he gave one confident nod and answered…



“…Why? You just don’t understand. The people you love, and those who care about you, even people who might have been your friends, will become your enemies. People you wanted to protect will cast stones at you, and people you trusted will stab you in the back. Even then, you’ll keep believing in others like a fool, and keep going for the sake of others…!”

…I don’t know.

“…You idiot…! Saving by killing, helping by hurting others! Who could find happiness in that kind of hypocrisy!? Who would be glad about that!? It’s an empty dream where you can’t seek your own happiness. A borrowed ideal. You can’t… You can’t… You can’t save someone with something like that!”

My voice is trembling-

“Turning a blind eye to your own suffering, and pressing on in ignorance… you’ll end up in hell in the end! What you reach at the end of it all is just eliminating everyone who can’t be saved…! No matter where you go, you can’t save anyone, and even after you die, you’ll be hurt, and hurt others… you’ll curse your own existence! How… how could a life like that… Be worth living…!?”

I’m crying…

The boy’s eyes opened in surprise at his shout.

Who was it addressed to? Which fool was he speaking to?

The boy had not gone through the incident. He had not met Emiya Kiritsugu. He was different. The words had no meaning for him. They just passed by him.

Then, who were they for? Who were these words questioning?


The boy gently placed his small hand on Archer’s wounded right arm. A pale white hand, still free of injuries. But, it was warm.

“…Yeah. I can’t complain at all… Because you’re here, Mister. Because… I want to be like you, Mister.”


Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40. Answer: Beginning.

The dream that he pledged always to carry in his heart. Never lapsing for a moment, the dream was always there. That wish, those feelings. They always endured.

He left something important behind.

The man could no longer understand. Why did he run? What was the meaning of it all?


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 39 – The Dream

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 39 – The Dream.

Those who become heroes through the Counter Force of humanity, Alaya, become “Counter Guardians” after death.

I wanted to save others. I arrived at that ideal at the very end. However…


Beneath the black void, swirling with heat and chaos….

The naked blade severed numerous soldier’s spines in a single stroke. Foreseeing the presence of unleashed magic, the red…something rode for the front. One’s heart, another’s spine, and another’s eyes were run through, and they were left on the ground to die.

His movement was so efficient it was as if he had hardly taken a step. He was the fastest, the greatest. When dancing within the jaws of death on the battlefield, what matters is how fast you can grasp an enemy’s weakness and turn them into an unspeaking corpse. Just that.

How to efficiently destroy a human body, how to effectively take a life. He gained all those abilities… For the sake of protecting others. All techniques learned so that wouldn’t have to happen.


And then, he came to the town. It was an oven for sacrifice. Deep within the mountains of Syria, within a deep, deep sea of trees where countless mysteries continue to lurk, a ruler twisted by madness and versed in sorcery touched “that”. He coveted the lives of his people.

For the sake of humanity’s continued existence, the Counter Force perceives the elements of destruction and takes action. What then manifests is a Counter Guardian.

He would destroy. He would likely destroy humans along with the dangerous elements. A fire was a fire, fuel, fuel. All would be destroyed. Nothing would be left. Every last trace of sorcery, all of it, gone.

Thus, he destroyed the town.


A family that had wanted to live on, taking happiness in tomorrow. Young lives. Lives that studied and enjoyed themselves, walking towards the future they wished for. Old lives. Lives that had kept going and saved others.

All were cleanly eliminated, trampled like ants.


After the last life was extinguished, all traces of magic were completely destroyed. He then proceeded to the lord’s home. Humans came to attack him, one by one. But it was impossible to stop him with such methods. A Counter Guardian is manifested to exceed the level of destruction. It was how they were chosen. Therefore, it was only natural to be able to kill them all. It was utterly impossible to be killed en route to the objective. Their lives were crushed, like insects.

“—–Stop it…! Stop iiiiit!”

Finally, he took the life of the lord, and destroyed the manor. At that moment, the image was interrupted, and the next appeared.

“——Ahh… Hah… Gaaaah…aah!”

Perhaps next time would be the past. Young men in the form of stern warriors. The opponent may change, but nothing did change. Next, he would change his tactics, taking the best armed enemies into regard, and then kill, posthaste.

The opponents this time appeared to have been told by God to touch “that”. Based on their culture and customs, it might be Persia. Innocent people were once again oppressed.

They wept. They sought rescue. Perhaps they saw the man in red who defeated the soldiers as a the hand of salvation. Young mothers tried to express their gratefulness and extended their hands…



He entered the town. What happened was the same.

“—–Stop. …Stop it, stop it, stop it stop it, stop iiiiiiittt!”

The rest of it was similar. When it was over, it was onto the next image. When it was over, it was onto the next image. When it was over, it was onto the next image.

He was shown it, over and over again. Over and over again, he killed those seeking relief. Always, no matter the time period, no matter the location. The ones who wept were those who were kind. The ones who lived with all their heart. The ones who wished for help. Hadn’t he become a hero because he wanted to help those people?

Perhaps he had repeated those things a thousand times. After a few hundred, he no longer understood the meaning of his actions, but what he perceived was around that area. If you kept casting a die, it would approach that result on average. It was the same theory. That was everything to him.

I can’t save others.

When the next was over, and then the next. He only hoped for “that”, and he fought desperately to keep from going mad. One day, he would be able to take the hand held out to him. Believing that sustained him. But there was no end to the repeating strife, people wishing for happiness downtrodden, oppressed. In the end, they were enveloped in destruction, and death came for all.

What was he that did such a thing? What was his dream, now that it had been reduced to this?

Foolish humans summoning destruction. Foolish dreams. His foolish self which destroyed them. His foolish dream.

He hated them. He detested all of it.. So he wished, to kill, to kill, and disappear.

After that, he continued to wait, indifferently. He simply bided his time for the recursion of what he knew was the beginning. The Holy Grail War.

And now. Before his eyes was an innocent boy. The outstretched hand was almost around his neck. He could break a thin neck just by putting a little strength into it.

…I can kill him.

That was the wish hidden inside himself in the midst of eternity. A farce, a method to end his own existence. He would be free, free from the grief that scorched his body and all the hatred. He would be free. That was why Archer had participated in the Holy Grail War, but…

…Why… Why?

Archer’s left hand would not touch the boy’s neck. His hand was devoid of the urge to kill.

Ridiculous… Why? Why can’t I kill him? It’s simple, so simple. Break his neck. That’s all it is. Easier than grabbing a cat. That’s all it is, so why… Can’t I do it?


A vision of the children came to him. Holding hands, their happy looking, shy smiles. The boy’s smiling face, speaking of an pure dream.

So I’m going to do what I can do, to make other people smile. I’ve decided!

The boy was different from Emiya Shirou, but he had still said those words, he spoke of such an immature dream.

It was that. It was those very feelings. Those very feelings coming from a boy who was not yet Emiya Shirou. That very dream.

It shook his heart so fiercely.

That’s why I can’t kill him?


I can’t save anyone, so I should just disappear. I lived so long just to erase myself. A harmless boy, harmless words. Anyone would embrace… Such a beautiful dream. An purpose that would be shaken by something like that. Is that what I’ve survived for?

To kill someone, and myself. To destroy that dream… Is that what I’ve been living for?

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 39.

Unable to save a soul, even hands held out in relief are severed. Reduced to such, he was full of hatred.

He hated the dream that had come to pass. So much so that he continued to wish for his own destruction. And yet… His hand cannot kill the boy. It can’t kill the dream he embraced. Why is that? Why?

Why did he live, why did he keep going? The answer is before Archer now.

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 38 – The Red Boy.

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 38 – The Red Boy.

The evening sun striking the window illuminated the room. Knitting his eyebrows as his shoulder throbbed periodically, Archer ran his eyes over the room’s interior.

You might say it was Western style- the varieties of gaudy furniture and upholstery were pleasing to the eye, but the guest room appeared to have been left unattended to. Scattered piles of accumulated dust simply ruined the effect. It seemed to have long been abandoned as a passenger boat. The decaying state of the room made a deep frown cross Archer’s face.

“The old ship, huh…”

With a little “You can’t let them find you, right?”, the young boy had guided Archer to his “secret base”. Waiting beyond after passing through a rotten fence with a “Private Property” sign adhered to it was the pier along the riverside. “The base” was anchored to the quite harbor, lined with old construction cranes and warehouses. It was the old ship Archer had noticed from the bus on the bridge the day of the explosion at the Fuyuki Department Store.

“Neat, huh? This is my secret base!”

“…Just how are we going to get in there?”

“Okay, look close at the crane that’s stopped over there. The tip is touch the side of the boat, right?”

“Hm? …I see. Yes it is.”

“We can get in from there!”

The cargo loading crane had contact with a portion of the boat’s side, and there was a gap large enough to enter part of the a corridor on the first floor deck.

“What a rough mooring… Is it because it’s wearing out? But I guess kids wouldn’t know it was scary…”

“Don’t come here anymore. You would get hurt if you fell.”

“…Oooh. B- but, you’re here this time Mister, so it’s fine, isn’t it?”

“Honestly… In any case, it’s practically in pieces. I can’t be scrapped, could it?”

“I dunno. But after I found the boat, no one else found it, and I didn’t see anyone ever.”

“…I see.”

Unable to waste magical power, Archer did not attempt his Structural Analysis magic, but in so far as he relied on a sixth sense regarding matters related to sorcery, he could not feel the uncomfortable sensation peculiar to a magician’s encampment. After confirming there were no signs of people in the nearby area, Archer entered the old ship, carrying the boy.

“Thanks for waiting!”

The red haired boy opened the door and stepped inside carrying a large emergency box in his arms. He appeared to have hidden food, snacks, toy weapons, and other items out of some survival kit inside the ship, and calling it a secret base did not necessarily seem like an inaccurate representation.

“Okay, I’ll put them on, I guess.”

Ascertaining the condition of Archer’s wounds, the boy began his first aid, and spoke without taking his eyes off of his work.

“…What is it?”

“You’re a liar, even though you’re an adult.”

“…There’s things you’re better off not knowing in your life. You’ll understand when you grow up.”

“When you talk about fancy stuff, aren’t you just going in circles? When adults starts saying stuff that’s convenient for them at times like that, they’re usually covering up something bad. That’s what my mom says.”

“…She’s quite a mother.”

Archer spontaneously made a wry smile. The boy smiled happily as if he had scored a point. But the boy took his eyes off of the wounds for only a moment, and then he returned to the treatment.

“It’s important.”

He was probably the same age as Rin and Sakura. He was in the Boy Scouts, wasn’t he? But the boy’s enthusiasm for “fixing” and his concentration was not that of a child, and his zeal no doubt strengthened his skills. It was care far more thorough than the one-armed Archer had done.


When he reached his shoulders, the busily moving boy stopped his hand.

“…Hm? What’s wrong?”

“…Ah. No. I won’t ask.”

“…? What do you mean?”

“Umm… Last year, my dad got into a car wreck, and he was really hurt. We got a phone call in the middle of the knight, and mom got really upset and started crying, and I didn’t know who to do. I kept saying it would be okay, and we went to the hospital together.”


“Dad was really badly injured. Mom just cried, and I didn’t know what to do either. I couldn’t do anything… So, I just cried too.”

“…I see.”

“We couldn’t do anything for Dad. But… When the surgery was done, Dad survived. I was so happy.”

“…I-, I see… I’m glad.”

Unconsciously lured by the boy’s happy face, a smile of relief appeared on Archer’s lips. Losing family members. It was good… He hadn’t had to experience something so sad. Seeing Archer’s expression, the boy also grinned.

“Heh heh… Thanks! Then, I said thank you while I was crying to the doctor who came out of the operating room. And then…”

“…And then?”

“He said he was glad, and it was fine… now… And with a really gentle face… He cried. And smiled at me.”

The boy wiped the tip of his nose, and then started directly at Archer and spoke.

“…Mister, your smile just now was the same.”


“When I met you for the first time, Mister, you made that girl calm down, right? The doctor made me smile too… When I was just crying. I wanted to make someone smile like that, and I wanted to be a strong man who could get my mom calm down.”


“I treated a friend of mine who was hurt. It was the first time, and I was really clumsy, but he said ‘Thanks!’ and smiled at me. …I was really happy! So I’m going to do what I can do, to make other people smile. I’ve decided!”


A smile across his whole face. But the smile dimmed a little, and the boy turned his eyes to the wound on Archer’s shoulder.

“…All of this stuff that happened to someone like you, Mister. You definitely got hurt protecting someone, right?”


“Heh heh, so… I won’t ask. It’s kind of embarrassing to say all of that stuff out loud… Plus, you’re super cool, Mister! It’s cooler when you don’t know the hero’s identity, right?”

Rubbing his nose shyly, the boy smiled.

“Ah, I said it… I-, it’s not cool, huh? Keep what I just said a secret, okay!?”

Lit by the evening light, cheeks died red like an apple. An embarrassed smile, radiant.

That. That gesture. Those feelings.

The boy shining bright red and illuminated by the fading sun.
And the target that must be destroyed that slept inside Archer. For the first time, they joined.


One day…

He had thought about their meeting. He would have searched for him if they had not met.

He would… Kill him.

The boy’s name was Emiya Shirou. The name of his old self.

A fool of a man who had fallen chasing his mad dream.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 38.
If the two should meet.

The beginning and the encounter should be different. The childish dreams the boy spoke of resembled what he himself had once embraced far too much. That was why he noticed. That was why he noticed just who the boy was.

NEEDLESS Chapter 19!

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