Comiket: Day 2 – A Study In Fandom, Part 1

For what an overlooking view of Comiket reveals is rather…shocking to say the least.


And somehow, crossplay doesn’t seem to digest well with cosplayers.

NOTE: I’m dead tired at this point in time so I’ll update this post with way more pictures later on

Since iluna totally freaking bailed on me couldn’t make it for Day 1, he was supposed to meet me early during Day 2 but he arrived late. EARLY AT COMIKET MEANS LIKE…THE FIRST OR SECOND TRAIN MM’KAY?

Putting that aside, I decided not to camp for this particular day since I had a bit of frostbite from the aftermath of Day 1 coupled with a sore lack of sleep. Turns out that if you don’t have any particularly popular circle in mind, camping overnight isn’t really mandatory (although it will help lots) and really isn’t worth the lost sleep, extra layers of clothes and HOLY SHIT WTF crowd.


Turns out that if you catch the first train in the morning there, you’re going to get relegated all the way to the back of the line which somehow defies space and time by looking WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY fucking longer than it really is.

I actually got lost for a while ’cause it so turns out that the Comiket organization committee split the lines two ways. One for the East Halls and one for the West Halls.

Seeing as something at the back of my head was nagging me to go grab WERK’s marble fantasm and Yellow Zebra’s touhou manzai comedy sketches but at the same time reminding me that my loyal servant was begging me for an All Around Type Moon 2: Brand New Heroines Set….well…

…*ahem*…Of course, being the awesome master that I am, I decided to go grab him an All Around Type Moon 2 set after having an intensely furious emotional debate within my soul. Touko’s diatribe about the taiji really is true 🙁

Nothing much really changed from the previous day, aside from the fact that now the carpark queues were closed off. I suspect that may have been due to:

1. Less-than-expected response to Key and Type-Moon

2. I dunno lol

Good thing about that was that I didn’t have to walk one enormous queue all around the complex to get to Type-Moon’s booth; so that order of business passed by rather quickly.

By this time I had ventured off to the lower West Halls to grab some doujin CDs, since, well…you know…it’s a boring Comiket if I run around getting stuff for people all of the time. Besides, you CAN mail order stuff through the official Comiket website (even if I have never used this service)

I don’t really know much in the way of doujin music per se. All I know is that WAVE and WERK were on my list of stuff to get. Thinking back, have no idea why I got sidetracked enough to buy Silver Forest’s Eternal Paradigm album…but I had no regrets for it was the only path. My entire life was “Unlimited Impulse-Buy Works”…

In the end all I got was fragarach’s pixelp-aido (music is by Morrigan, a member of WAVE), Marble Fantasm: The Battle Moon Wars OST and Eternal Paradigm.

At this point iluna called me on my cell which was also rather conveniently deciding to die on me. Thankfully despite his horrendous ability to give directions, I managed to find him and accompany him to Maikaze’s booth.

Personally I didn’t really care much for the touhou animation but since iluna is like my de-facto translator cum guide I decided to play along with it~

After that we were both pretty much out of stuff to buy because in the first place I’m no xxhardcorexx fan of the Touhou series which is like some enormous cancer that spreads itself throughout the West Halls of the big sight and iluna had insufficient funds 😛

I admit I made the rather idiotic mistake of mentioning the AATM2 clear poster set to iluna, since after hearing of what it comprised he became rather hellbent on getting it. Even worse was the fact by the time I climbed that infernal staircase back up to the upper floor of the West Halls, they were closed for the day. I mean like wtf? Key was open almost the whole day!


Fate/Zero Saber


That’s iluna blocking my view of saber. I secretly hate him now.


Type-Moon’s No.1 brocon. Unfortunately Type-Moon’s booth has something against me and faces.


Needs more phantasmoon


And a few days later I find Capcom has a guy who can copy Takeuchi’s artwork to a tee…


You know what they say about the internet and anonymity…and stuff…

I almost totally forgot about the cosplay square at this point, then when I saw a delicious looking trap-ciel walking towards the general direction of the West-Hall side carpark I gave myself a quick smack to my head and quickly dragged my translator iluna along.


I should have read the katakana for cosplay (コスプレ) more clearly orz


Personally I don’t get the fuss over vocaloid.


The Black Order finally got a fashion sense.

On a side note, hope your wrist recovers soon, ほしのー先生!


Where is saber’s ahoge-copter!


“Rin, you won’t mind if I beat this guy right?”


Comiket: A lesson in mortality


I can never look at nurses the same way after tokubetsu byoutou.


My god is hotter than your god


I shat bricks




It’s Shit Shonen right? It’s Shit Shonen


Your love triangle’s just one picture up


ZETSUBOUSHI- ah whatever


Didn’t know this was from Persona till I asked the cosplayer :<



From this point onwards my stolen plundered illegally smuggled DSLR ran out of battery so all of these photos are taken with iluna’s camera. All credit to him and blah~


Season 2 fever?


Hiiragi Twin Mikos


Somehow :schneizeleffort: came to mind




Send in the replicas!


I think my brain stem temporarily imploded from the awesome


That’s why Windows is better than Macintosh


Deadpool’s Japanese counterpart

Anyhoo that’s all I did that day. Managed to bump into Darkmirage, Bangin and took the Rinkai line back to the hotel with iluna. Good times, good times.

Didn’t spend much either, namely ’cause I knew Day 3’d be where all the phat lewt’s at. Priorities!

Speaking of priorities (while we’re on the subject of that), Day 3 report soon.

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  1. Since iluna totally freaking bailed on me couldn’t make it for Day 1, he was supposed to meet me early during Day 2 but he arrived late. EARLY AT COMIKET MEANS LIKE…THE FIRST OR SECOND TRAIN MM’KAY?

    Oh opps Sorry ;DD;;

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