Tales of Vesperia animated movie announced!

Tales of Vesperia, one of Namco’s latest additions to the “Tales” series of JRPGs is finally getting animated in ’09!

Personally, I’d have preferred an animated series, but this is great news regardless! At the very least there’ll be DVDrips.


According to the February Issue of KineJun Trade Magazine, Kanta Kamei will direct, Kadokawa pictures will distribute, and Kosuke Toriumi (who also plays the male lead in-game) will lend his voice to the movie.

Kosuke Toriumi should (even if it’s not stated) be playing the role of Yuri Lowell (whom he plays as well in the game).

EDIT1: To address what Coke said to me on IRC about most RPG movie adaptations sucking major cock, I can’t help but agree, sadly.

Good thing about Tales of Vesperia is that it’s the first (as far as I can recall) Tales movie adaptation to hit the big screen so hopefully the pressure to make this kick ass is there.

I could hope for Mai Nakahara to reprise her role as Estellise, but until any further word is given I don’t think I would invest much hope in Kadokawa.

Just…god….Kadokawa….someone….anyone….replace Karol’s seiyuu. PLEASE.

In celebration, have youtube vidyas.

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