Comiket 75, Day 3 – A Study in Fandom (Part 2)

I finally mustered up the effort to write about this even though I’m not getting paid or anything \o/

And I swear that should be my get-up to C77.

Thing about the last day of Comiket is that it’s THE day to camp. After my experience on Day 1, however, I realize camping’s really more effort than it’s worth (at least on my part) and unless you’re eyeing an A-list doujin circle with a tendency to sell out quick (ishikei, kantoku, Circle Satosute)

Still, heading there in the morning when the sun’s already up is still an incredibly stupid thing to do, so I set off around 5.30 am, since iluna had offered to meet me at 7.00am – 3 hours before opening time. Oddly enough comiket that day was going to close up an hour early, at around 4.00 pm…wonder why.


Spoiler: Natalia is Largo’s Daughter



Truth be told, I arrived at the Kokusai-Tenjijo station a little late ’cause I ashamedly forgot my camera and had to run back to get it. Couple it with the fact that I got a seriously bad stomachache on the way. I swear these things only happen when i’m off to an important event of sorts.

Thankfully iluna, being the fag that he is, arrived late as well. So to avoid a downward spiral of “why the fuck were you late” enquiries, we proceeded to the back of the queue one final time.


One does not simply rush into mordor


Or maybe one does…

That aside, iluna headed off to grab Type-Moon’s all-around-type-moon 2: Brand new heroines clear poster set whilst I set off for the East Halls to grab a few doujinshi.

Armed with my East-Hall map (with all my planned routes), catalogue in hand and nothing more than slightly over 5 hours of sleep the previous night, I was totally unprepared for the horde that is Comiket. First time i’ve ever forcefully had to push my way out of a ravenous sea of human beings. Fun times, fun times…

Since my route was highly dependant on what entrance the human sea’s currents drifted me off to, I took a quick look and found out I was closest to (as luck would have it) T2 and ishikei’s booth.

Having said that, it was somewhat of a blessing and curse in many ways (seeing as I couldn’t decide who to go with first) and in no small part due to the fact that standing still in the midst of a human sea is just about as smart as jumping overboard in a raging storm. Giving it a little (and I stress little) thought I decided going with T2 art works first would be best since they’re known to bring along a decent supply of extra stocks.


First time i’ve had to sprint to the back end of a line. True story.

Like i’ve said previously, Comiket is a lot like the Holy Grail War. Not just due to the fact that it’s a no-holds-barred doujin battlefield, but also ’cause its a monstrous struggle (or rather an effort in patience) for that one, precious doujin.

Could just be the intense rage at the two-hour long queue for the T2 art works set speaking though.

The queue itself was a study in patience unlike almost any other. Got cut off at the tail end of the queue division over my part of the line (which means the entire front of the queue in front of me moved forward whilst I had to stay behind), although from an optimist’s point of view you could say I was at the front of my own queue segment so it wasn’t entirely horrible~

Even after that the queue literally inches forth at a snail’s pace. I wonder if the guy I saw buying multiple copies of the same doujin was in any way responsible. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

After a good half-hour in, iluna gives me a call and says he’s making his way towards the West Hall. Wonderful indeed, only if it weren’t for the fact that the phone battery was dying out faster than a torch’s radiance. Needless to say it kind of cut my conversation a little short. Luckily I managed to ask him to get me a copy of ishikei’s BetsuJIN in exchange for a singular copy of T2’s botan nabe at the very least.

After a good two hours braving the cold, slow-as-shit queue and kebab van that decided to park next to my queue ( it’s official, I have bad karma) I managed to buy two copies of botan nabe and the T2 artworks set. By then the crowd had thinned a little so I decided to press forward and move on to my second circle of the day, infinity drive. Queue was thankfully a lot less long and the Comiket staff helper directing this particular queue was cosplaying as Aisaka Taiga, but that’s another tangent altogether~


One of the particularly helpful things about the queue system is that the last person in the line holds up a sign to denote that it’s the end of the queue. It’s curteousy to say “sumimasen” or any other polite variation et al. and take over holding it (which normally doesn’t last very long if you’re in line for one of the more popular booths) to note to others the new position of the end of the queue.

I managed to get Air Time (infinity drive’s strike witches doujin) and a small black-and-white artwork compilation of Askray’s while travelling along my East-Hall route. Final GET of the day was Crazy-Clover-Club’s Type-Moon Complex X04, their latest instalment in the power-level shitstorm-crossover doujin series. They were the only other shutter-circle aside from Askray and T2 I had time to visit, and it was worth it. Although it kind of puzzles me as to how much they spend printing all those copies of the omake-bon on such relatively high-quality paper.


Oh and speaking of which, GGAL finished it, edits by Raenius.

After picking up my set from CCC, I realized iluna had been trying to reach me for the past fifteen minutes but my phone was woefully set to silent. Ignorance would have been bliss but you know, conscience and all…

Kind of makes me sad too, I had to pass up ronpaia (atelier effort) and sorairo march. Although, on a somewhat brighter side; if I had bought stuff from them I would have been forced to survive on nothing but mana and the energy of the universe ;_;


Met up with iluna again who told me ishikei’s doujin sold out just in front of him. Stifling some rage, I handed over his copy of botan nabe and we went for lunch (which consisted of nothing more than microwave pasta and onigiri) over at the infamous cafe where Konata and Kagami sat in their very own Comiket adventure.

In before pics or gtfo. Additionally, avoiding the event of a tl;dr explanation, comiket officials are totally anal about pictures being taken at the event. A DSLR sticks out like a fucking sore thumb so it’s a no-go.

But enough of that, onto the cosplay section of this post. Thank Christ this time it was held over at the open-air area around the upper floor of the West Halls so it was a relatively short walk >_>




Where’s the other half of the OTP?




2ch OFF会


Rei doesn’t smile πŸ™




You startled the witch~










Nasu has something against lolis


γ‚³γƒŸγ‚± SKETCH?


Luvia: Magus and Professional Wrestler


They were going to take me home, I swear.


I’ll show you what it means to kill th- Oh wait, wrong Shiki.


This isn’t quite right


With the Gem Sword Zelretch, anything is possible!

Even if certain things should stay impossible..


…why aren’t you dead yet?


“I have no idea why the hell I wear this stupid thing”


Stereotypical Angel


Boku and Desu



The last two pictures are curteousy of iluna. Apparently he took a really nice caster floating around but when I saw /her/ for myself it turned out to be a trap. I fear for his sexual preferences now.

As the day ended I made one last journey back to the East Halls for a formal introduction to a friend of iluna’s who apparently runs an amatuer doujin circle. After exchanging a few greetings and a couple of awkward stares, I figured out she’s Malaysian and is currently studying in Japan to work there as well. I need to pull up my grades ;_;

Before I left for the day I picked up their doujin. Pretty well drawn if you ask me. I’m impressed~

And so that marks the end of doujin grail war Comiket. Iluna and I, both low on cash and way overboard in terms of spending, left feeling tired, sleepy and broke but no less happy about the haul.

Oddly enough we were talking about Key and Key trolls on the way back home. Only in Japan I guess~


I would’ve taken that home, but you know…



And what little adventure to “Otaku Mecca” is complete without a little loot.





If you’re attentive, my T2 calendar is a tad bent from moving my place. I fucking hate my moving company now.

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