Strike Witches S2, Little Busters for the PS2

Yeah! Now that’s something I want to get off grade grinding in Vesperia to see!


Nothing beats grinding like the bittersweet taste of anticipation~

So yeah, Strike Witches has been officially announced to have a season 2. Apparently its on the cover of not one, but several magazines.



Well, here’s hoping Kadokawa aren’t going to troll me again. Then again no PR company (assuming Kadokawa doesn’t handle their PR internally) wants to have built a reputation their contracted company is reviled for.

Perhaps the whole “Haruhi-Chan’s Nice Boat” incident was a failed attempt at humor that went horribly wrong in a PR sense. One could always hope they’ve learned from the experience. After all, good PR brings in good paying customers~

Anyway, the season 2 animation has been announced, but no concrete date or cast affirmed yet. This time, however, there are some story changes, namely the introduction of a new fighter wing, the 400th (?) wing, and a joint effort between them and the 501st.

EDIT: Apparently that’s how 2ch names threads, woops. Thanks, Selkirk.

Info from 2ch.

Also, to key fans, there is going to be a PS2 port of Little Busters called 『リトルバスターズ! コンバーティッド エディション』 (Little Busters: Converted Edition) to be announced formally this week in a magazine. Release date is TBA.



Info from Temple Knights

Personally I’ve not played the game, read the manga or whanot, but after seeing the line for the Little Busters calendar at C75…

4 thoughts on “Strike Witches S2, Little Busters for the PS2

  1. I wonder what’s the difference between Little Buster CE and EX and the standard version. They just want to make money by releasing all these. Hurry up and release ReWrite already!


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