Finally beat Star Ocean 4

I can’t say I was actually blown away. It was pretty fun, even if painful beyond reason at times.


<3 her Blindside

That said, Star Ocean 4 is pretty good overall, but its a shame squeenix and tri-ace didn’t want to include Japanese voice tracks as part of audio selection for the Asian release version and put out an English and Japanese version (like, wtf square! You put the game across three DVDs and couldn’t put in Japanese voice tracks with subs?) of which local retailers only wish to import the english version (now that I can’t blame. I mean not everyone speaks Japanese as SUGOI SUGOI as the Japanese themselves)

[spoilers from here on. Well actually from the 3rd paragraph on. Hell, even wikipedia didn’t care for spoiler warnings]

[Disclaimer-of-sorts: Yeah I used a digicam to take pics of my TV while I was playing]

The game itself starts off impressively, all sorts of pre-rendered cinematic cutscenes of humanity blowing itself up etc etc. Standard WW3 theory, nuclear winter will consume the world etc. After they suddenly catch on and realize that if they keep nuking everything there’s going to be nothing left except dust and cockroaches, Amerikka and SOVIET RUSSIA (i guess lol) sign a peace treaty and look towards outer space and the endless STAR OCEAN for future colonization efforts.


So the story starts off with Edge, our typical protagonist. Full of youth and vigour and you know, the run of the mill standard start-of-the-game pre-hero mold. It’s a wonder how I even sat through his cutscenes in the initial bits of the game with a straight face >_>

Battle simulator training with him is pretty boring though, even if the story finds a nice way to lead into it. Seriously, reading the manual is enough. Unless you aren’t a fan of even tiny walls of text then by all means use the battle sim and be bored to death.

After touching down on Aeos for the first time I was rather surprised there weren’t any enemies right off the bat. Seems like they only attack after exploring past a certain point and stuff, so I guess me running around the same area trying to trigger a flag event got me nowhere~

Addressing the real-time battle system, it’s not exactly vesperia nor is it eternal sonata, the two other realtime 360 JRPGs I’ve played. I would, however, hasten to say that playing ToV actually helps get around the fact I haven’t played the previous Star Oceans and thus am unaccustomed (read: a noob) with Star Ocean’s system.

Getting new characters is pretty few and far between, sadly. Although the only significantly underleveled one would probably be Lymle, but that’s rather easily corrected. Star Ocean mages are usually pretty broken (or at least coke says so) and her AOE nukes and faerie healing are lifesaver skills.

Main-wise I usually just use Reimi for long-range pew-pew and her blindside (read: SO MANY FLIPS <3 Reirei’s blindside <3 Reirei’s blindside) and that once she gets crimson squall+crescent wings + atk boost + critical hit, her damage output is pretty disgusting. Only Arumat can exceed her in that respect (I heard meracle can too, actually, but I never used her)


“B-B-Baka, it’s not that we’re the OTP or anything!”

Bossfights are initially a playaround lulz-fest. When I fought Armaros for the first time I just kept using Reimi to pepper him with arrows and blindside him at every little opportunity (<3 her blindside) until he used his “arm” and revealed his weakspot. Although at that point I was too busy blindsiding him with Reimi to notice Edge and Faize were slaughtering him ๐Ÿ™

It actually stays that way until Sahariel shows up. In a contrast with Barachiel’s weakspot which is his enormous back which he reveals everytime he uses a downward strike, Sahariel has an extremely annoying AOE slam which knocks Edge (who at this point is the only good melee charcter in game) back down everytime I try to land a mystic blade. What’s fucking worse is that his core is located on his underbelly and requires good timing to actually hit in the middle of his gay AOE slam when i’m not in rush mode. Took me fucking forever and I let Faize die ๐Ÿ™

The whole alternate earth thing actually had me thinking “holy fuck pime taradox” for a while…I didn’t realize i’d actually been thrown into an alternate dimension until the earth actually exploded. Plus, that all important scene with Reimi not realizing she was stark naked was probably the best part of the Alternate-Earth quest arc. Well, that and getting meracle. Most risque outfit in the entire game, for lack of a better word.


Hey Panther, guess what, tri-ace and square made your mascot! Just that you can’t use it!

Edge’s emotrip after seeing Alt-Earth explode was pretty funny. Although by the time I got to Roak it was getting pretty fucking old and annoying. You don’t see arumat looking for self-pity (even if he isn’t exactly dealing with his issues right either) do you now, Edge?

And the bunnies. Oh jesus the bunnies. For a moment there I thought Edge was going to RIDE ASTRIDE INTO BATTLE AT THE REINS OF A SAVAGE PINK, FLUFFY BUNNY. Sadly that was not to be. I demand that the next Star Ocean have bunny battle encounters for epic lulz. Maybe you can gain special bunny attacks like “savage pound” or “carrot smash” or “fuzzy thunder” or “diabolic nibble” or something.

Also, I thought the colosseum was going to be like the colosseum in Tales of Vesperia, open to contenders etc etc. Turns out they lock it shut after you beat some pathetic excuse for a sub-boss. Maybe you can go on in later, idk, but I haven’t given it a shot yet. Boss of the level was surprisingly easy. Maybe I was overleveled but seriously, guy went down really fast. Probably the second easiest grigori as compared to Armaros manifest.

Was a bit shocked when Faize left the party. It was a pretty surprising plot-twist, given that tri-ace spent 2 entire discs developing his character in Edge’s party. Arumat however, is a fucking damage monster. Wide area slashes, massive hitcount attacks, better-than average health and a badass scythe. Seriously Diabolic Edge -> Unholy Maelstrom -> Diabolic Edge -> Bloodstorm Revolution -> Unholy Maelstrom can kill off any singular unit. Anyday. Well, unless you’re one of the grigori with all those weakpoints and shit. Insofar the weakpoints I know are:

Armaros: Entire armored side. Initially not a weakspot until he detaches it as an arm.

Barachiel: Back. Hammer him when he slams into the ground.

Sahariel: Underbelly. Do a special skill on his weakspot when he rears on his hindlegs.

Armaros Manifest: Too easy. It’s the huge crystal on the back of his/her (?) tail. Blindside to get to it.

Kokabiel: When he calls his little slave grigori back to him and envelops himself in a lightsphere. Hammer away at the sphere.

Sataniel: First smash his jewels. Then his entire body is vulnerable.

Nothing worthy of note on En II except “Ex”. Felt sort of “Big Brother is watching your entire race fap” in the control room, but nonetheless it was a pretty boring level. Kokabiel’s a shitty boss and the early psynards which are supposed to be the zenith creatures of the level are easy pickings except when they nuke the arena with some long-range AOE thunder blast.

At the end of it all, the morphus (the race on board En II), eldarians and earth forces under the USTA launch a combined attack on the final boss planet. Turns out the planet’s alive and can generate a fleet from itself using the evolutionary life force of un-natural evolution. It’s final doomsday weapon had me going for a while. Apparently it’s called Jormungandr and is a living dragon that fires one enormous pewpew laser from its mouth which then causes its head to explode -_-

What I don’t get is that apparently the morphus are so technologically advanced they have technology capable of generating black holes. If that’s the case Crowe wouldn’t have needed to turn his own ship into a mini-black hole and die in blaze of manly glory. Then again if he hadn’t died the Aquila wouldn’t have blocked the hurricane leading to the palace of creation so yeah.

The final dungeon is irritating as hell, even if you just want to get to Sataniel. Vesperia’s final dungeon was a walk in the park compared to this. Especially when it came to the fucking gateways. I gave up playing for a while there because I got lost for a good half hour.

Final boss turned out to be a two-stage fight, depending on how you look at it.


Even if the cloak made him look pretty badass.

First stage is pretty easy. All it took was Reimi and an endless stream of crimson squalls and crescent wings coupled with the party hammering away at him to eventually finish the job.

Second stage was FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Apparently Faize didn’t die in the blinding burst of light (I actually thought he was pretty dead then myself) and formed a master-servant contract with the missing procedure (read: unseen all-powerful antagonist).


Initially only Lymle realizes this because she is totally fucking tsundere for Faize and deep down Faize is a closet lolicon with a particular attraction to lolis with annoying sentence-ending copulae.


He then throws you into an alternate dimension to fight every other boss (excluding Tamiel and Armaros) from Barachiel to Kokabiel.

Once you break out he goes batshit crazy (read: drunk) with power and merges with another Grigori to form Sataniel. Easily the hardest of the Grigori bosses due to a crazy amount of health and the fact that his own battle proceeds in two stages; one in which I have to smash his protectory jewel-orb things and then you just fight him just like the Apostle of Creation.



lol spelling lol

At the end of it all, the way it wraps up is pretty lame. Edge supposedly “dies” after Faize sacrifices himself to save him but the light of life (yes it is literally that) saves him from his fate of being disintegrated as Nox Obscurus falls apart with Sataniel’s defeat.

The earthlings then swear (on Edge’s prodding) not to maintain ties with En II or Eldar die to the fact it would prompt altered evolution. The Eldarians start life from scratch on Lemuris (which is coincidentaly their lost utopia lol) with nothing but hoes and spades and manly burning passion. En II vanishes into space for good.

Seriously that was pretty damn lame. In the end Earth still relies on Eldarian technology and their consensus for that fact was that they somehow hope to surpass it with earth-made technology. Edge seems to be fine with that, so why not use that consensus with En II? Whatever happened to political exchange, cultural exchange, literary exchange via the use of ambassadors? The missing procedure has just elegantly trolled Earth, Eldar and En II. Well fucking played.

That said it was incredibly lulzy to see the Eldarians dig away at the ground aimlessly with nothing but hoes still dressed in their alien robes. If that doesn’t make them look like gods to the Lemurians I don’t know what will :/

In the end, Edge and Reimi live on in as the true OTP, relinquishing their titles to those of “nameless heroes” and watch on as Earth unveils its plans for expansion to the stars.

There are also character specific endings (of which I only have EdgeXReimi, Sarah, Myuria and Lymle’s true ends). Faize apparently has an end too, but it’s exceedingly troublesome to get. Arumat’s is significantly less annoying but is also relatively troublesome. I can’t give two shits about meracle’s end and Bacchus apparently goes off with some random woman i’ve never seen throughout the entire game. Perhaps his wife?

Dubs were decent. Lymle’s was horrendous because it was overly annoying and I wanted to leave her rotting in a ditch on Lemuris ‘kay? That and I missed out on delicious Miyuki Sawashiro (SANYA from Strike Witches) and Misato Fukuen. Fukken rage squeenix, 10/10.

On a final note, Beat: B is awesome. Beat S is probably only good for Arumat.

15 thoughts on “Finally beat Star Ocean 4

  1. Yeah mmkay. That’s a pretty good detailed overview of the game. But you forgot 1 thing. You forgot to say how annoying it is to hear “DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!” 5 times in under 20 minutes of cutscene,’kay? That’s right I just said ‘kay. I know it was annoying but seriously look at her face. Tell me she wont have loli porn in the next week? lol sorry but it’s the truth and you know it ‘kay?

  2. Faize’s ending is more of a lymie x faize ending lymie is 15 when the game starts 17 in faizes ending(her body didnt grow read her bio in game)but i guess its still lolicon LOL.Arumatโ€™s ending is just him kicking ass across the universe and i havent got crowes ending but it makes me wonder hell the hell did faize and crowe lived?

  3. Crowes ending has him washing up on the shore on Roake next to Elyna’s house. She finds him and, while he’s still unconscious, decides he’d make good breeding stock – and proceeds to inform him of this when he comes around (after a good deal of smacking, mind). Amusing in a cute sort of way, but otherwise not really that much to write home about.

  4. I was kinda annoyed that they changed faize’s crazy half way through… when he first looks over the ledge in the purgatorium he starts laughing at the dead tribesmen then he changes to just power hungry for a “good” cause. Both crazy just different kinds of crazy

  5. It’s been much more then a week and no loli hentai of her is to be had… only stuff out there is 2 pictures of meracle and a doujin with Edge and the pink-haired chick, Marlene I think her name is (I don’t use her so I don’t really pay attention to her name).

    Easy game until the highest difficulty, then it is still easy, but takes more time and energy to level, most annoying part is that you can no longer see the target thing for Blindsides, you have to remember from the previous difficulties or just do it when you think it is all good.

  6. Haven’t beaten it yet but then again I’m a completist and also some what lazy. I will say this however: 1 good game so far. 2 lymle is annoying and pisses me of, also she’s useless once u get Myuria unless you’re fighting something weak to fire (Myuria has a wider range of spell types and more healing spells). 3 Meracle CAN out damage Arumat under the right circumstances. Give her maxed critical hit and attack up as well as a slayers bangle and it gets rather stupid at that point. Arumat still outclasses her in aoe though. and lastly 4 After you beat the boss of purgatorium u can reopen the arena by doing an easy quest chain startin with the diligent clerk (redhead catgirl) who is then inside the main entrance of the arena. but yea 10/10 for this game so far

    • what you say about myuria and lymle is so wrong. lymle has stronger atacks like hound grenate wich does like 1500 dam times 3 and myuria the tunderflare with 500 per but, she’s al open without defense to enemies when doing thunder flare ,so than she ‘ll be an easy target for enemies cuz casting thunderflare takes a lot more time than hound grenate and also lymle is like a blackmage/healer and myuria like pure blackmage and the angel(wich i just forgotten the name from damn me so stupid :p) is like pure healer. so if using lymle you better use the special arts cuz cerebus or something is verry strong with hound grenate!!!

    • Arumat: His strongest weapon in the game is elemental. This is quite bad. Enemies like Gabriel Celeste absorb all elements, and some you’ll only do like 10% of your damage against them, even if you got him to lvl 255 with 9999 attack (yo. Speaking from experience.). His attacks also have a windup which leaves him open until he starts up the weedwhacker. Lastly, he makes things too easy. He’s too badass.

      Meracle:To do the most damage, make sure the first special attack launches the enemy. All proceeding special arts keep them up in the air, except for the last one, which should be Max Shockwave because of how goddamn epic it is to watch. Basically start with Acrobat, and do whatever from there. And yes, when she misses that first hit, she tends to kinda keep going… She’s such an adorable little engine of destruction though…! Go Lesser Fellpool girl!!!

      Edge: He’s bread and butter. The only character with more balanced stats is Faize, but he doesn’t have any special attacks that I know of. I have done maximum damage with him before (99999) so it’s pretty feasible to do. You generally want him in your party. His offensive spells become next to useless in the aftergame because of the fact that his weapons don’t really raise his INT.

      Faize: Well, I was all “no loss” the first time around, when he got exchanged for Arumat, but when I got to the Wandering dungeon and started seeing the 3000+ attack weapons being DROPPED for him, I was all, “waitaminute…” and remained consfuzzleds for another 100 game hours until I played through on Universe and was offered the choice to keep him instead of getting Arumat. (he just mopes around on your ship saying “I’m not here, you know.” and makes it impossible to get any Arumat PAs. His Symbology repertoire does become more impressive though, but his weapons are pretty lackluster until you get to the aftergame.

      Myuria: Your well rounded Mage. Nothing to say about her except Divine Wave kicks more ass than I thought possible. That and she can drain MP with a specific attack! yeee! That said, I do get distracted when I’m playing as her in the arena, avoiding a rush mode enemy….

      Lymle: An annoying deadpan girl that essentially hurls an exploding dog at enemies. *blinks* Yep. Got it. She’s easily more offensive than Either Myuria or Sarah, but that’s purely because of Cerberus. Myuria’s stats are higher, but Lym can chain the exploding dog really quickly.

      Sarah: HEALUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And a featherfolk that can’t fly. She also has descendants in Star Ocean 1. Joshua is one of them. Actually, I think she’s his mother…. She has some of the flashiest offensive spells (Hi there, Solar Flare!!!) but they lack any real force behind them.

      Reimi: Reimi WILL give you the highest combo numbers. Problem is she’s gonna crap out her MP in a minute. Not much else to say, really.

      Bacchus: Well, he has high attack, but his standard attacks can be virtually useless. Which is why you have him generate a bigass chainsaw on his hand and gut the bitches! Or fire a few blackholes… Whatever works. He’s the tank of the game (Literally.)

  7. Crow has a ending as well, but there is one thing I am surprised you didn’t mention. You didn’t have a single sentence on Myuria’s overwhelming unnecessarily gravity and physics defying knockers!!! Holy hell those things aren’t needed at ALL!!

    • Two words: Judith, Vesperia.

      Also, Crowe DOES indeed become breeding stock. Him and Eleyna are Roddick Farrence’s ancestors. (Roddick is the main char of the first Star Ocean)

  8. Good review, and I’m pretty much in agreement with all of it. Though I’m not sure what the fuck is up but Arumat in general and some other area-affect combos, but they are tearing the shit out of my characters. I’ve made it near to the end of the game but at this point the only time my characters are dying is at EACH OTHER’S fucking hands. Some of Arumat’s combos will knock Edge’s ass out in 3 hits. Any tips for me? The game was fairly fun, and I was pretty much tearing through it until they started killing each other.

  9. Well I completed the whole game and I got to say…. Till the End of Time beats this thing. The battle system in Star Ocean 4 was better than Star Ocean 3 but the plot endings just was kinda blase in terms of the storyline. I mean, come on! You only get 7 endings after you beat the whole game? What’s the point in trying to play after that? Yea you have the whole secret dungeons and all but seriously….. after all that work, I know there was a lot of people who wanted to see what would happened if Edge was hooked up with Myuria or Sarah or Meracle. In terms of originality of story, Star Ocean 3 has this one beat. You have a total of 10, 9 different endings with all the various characters and 1 solo ending if you just feel like it. And don’t get me started with Star Ocean 2, you can literally play that game ‘Till the End of Time’ and see a different ending with everybody depending how you raise their affection points with each other. I think Square-Enix didn’t really want to be bother with the private action endings in Star Ocean 4, so it makes me wonder, why did even do it in this one? The game its is just fun for the battles but after you beat the post-ending content, you probably trade it in for some other game, not really memorable enough to keep. I give it a 7 out of 10, and that’s being generous.

    Oh and by the way, I wanted so bad to leave that stupid little girl, Lymle on the alternate earth and let her explode with it, ‘kay. ๐Ÿ™„

  10. lym can be annoying, but Sarah is the one that drives me bonkers.

    yeah star ocean 3 does have a better plot line, as well as more characters. however SO4 battle system pwns SO3

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