[F/HA] One Day Vol. 4 – Translated

I think i twittered it some time back, but yeah, it was a great read.


Truth be told, I was the anon who volunteered for the editing job. While it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, it was actually a joy to edit for the very rare fact this is one of the odd fate doujins that isn’t H/H-alt, but rather funny and more lassiez-faire than anything else.

On a more personal note, the artist, Fue (of the circle ronpaia) may not exactly have the best (read:zomgdropdeadawesome) art, but somehow what his art manages to do is capture the funny, laid-back side of the Fate world. From a scheming Rin to a ignorant, easily embarrased Saber.

You can grab it here, for those who haven’t. I don’t profess to have good cleaning skills either :/

P.S: To the anon who translated. Up for the beach episode? 😉

P.P.S: Completely OT but arc rise fantasia (a really nice-looking JRPG for the Wii) now has a release date set in stone. 4th June. Thanks to Neogaf user Aeana and this source.

2 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 4 – Translated

  1. This is the anon who did the translation. I said this over on /fate, but great job on the editing. I’m actually finishing vol. 5 now, but I think I’ll do the beach one afterwards- there’s not really an epic narrative developing between volumes that requires them to be in order, after all.

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