[F/HA] One Day Vol. 12 (or the otherwise obligatory fanservice instalment) Translated!

When the cast of Fate gather to take a load off the Summer weather, fanservice and hilarity can only ensue.

Oh, and maybe a few jaws’ll get broken~


Enjoy the nosebleeds~

And so my life was unlimited editing works. I have to admit though, it is great fun doing all this, even if I do juggle proofing and editing~

So basically, this is the obligatory beach episode of One Day Series, and it comes equipped with delicious Bazett, Sakura, Rider, Rin and Ayako. For the loli-lovers, there’s delicious Ilya.

To explain the non-linear order of scanlation work, I love Haruhi and I think its total non-linear mindfuck way of airing episodes is totally sugoi the translator wanted to work on Vol. 5, but it got held up a little behind this and there is no sequential order of events in the One Day series anyway.

This particular instalment focuses on well…a popular summer destination (the beach) and knowing the cast of Fate, there’s always going to be a problem or two. Join Ayako as she struggles to keep her sanity from being destroyed by Rider and her pranks, or Bazett as she tries to look good in her new swimsuit in front of Lancer.

With that being said, “amateur” is probably the lamest word I could misspell (hopefully the better bulk of the intent I was conveying got through) and Sella is the greatest maid ever.

I really need to look for these doujins around K-books/Mandarake sometime later this year.

Time to start work on Volume 5 then, see you when that’s done!

2 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 12 (or the otherwise obligatory fanservice instalment) Translated!

  1. delicious Rin

    Excellent :3

    For the loli-lovers, there’s delicious Ilya.

    Also excellent. Beach episodes are not usually my kind of thing, but Fate is definitely an exception 😀

  2. Came out great again. Thanks for making me look like I can actually translate. I’m pretty much done checking volume 1, and I’m halfway through volume 2 now, but let me know if you want me to hold off on posting them- they all look pretty hard to edit, and they just get longer and longer.

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