Tales of Vesperia for Europe released with Dual Audio?

Well, by now most people know Tales of BLAH BLAH BLAH TIDAL WAVE Vesperia is slated for a June release in Europe. In 2009. Yeah, this year.

Best costume in the game next to Carol’s trap outfit.

So I was all like, that’s fine and all, since Europe generally gets JRPGs localized a lot later than bigger markets (The U.S) or markets closer to the region (SouthEast Asia) and this’d be a good chance for them to enjoy delicious Rita etc.

Then I was reading this spanish article on Xbox 360 Spain and i was all “okay so my spanish sucks i can’t get a fucking word of this” and then I saw this last line:

Nos hemos puesto en contacto con la distribuidora del juego en nuestro mercado –Atari-, y nos han confirmado que vendrá subtitulado en castellano mientras que el doblaje estará en japonés e inglés.

At first I was all “what is this i don’t even”, then I realized that it meant something along the lines of distributor for the region being Atari and confirms castilian subtitles with japanese and english audio.

So I ran that through my firefox translate plugin and this came out:

The waiting is over. Tales of Vesperia has, for more than a year, been on sale in Japan and the United States. After so long, we almost thought that the publisher had no plans to launch this juicy rpg action on our continent.

Nothing could be further from reality, at last, the Japanese company, Namco-Bandai has been decided to announce today that European users will enjoy Tales of Vesperia, the Xbox 360-exclusive in the near-month of June which will virtually coincide with Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

We have contacted the distributor of the game in our market, Atari, and we have confirmed that they will subtitling in Castilian (spanish) while audio is in Japanese and English.

I was all like, wait what, Asia gets two seperate versions (of which certain retailers don’t even import the Asian Japanese version), NA (the world’s biggest game market) loses out on Dual Audio too but somehow the Spanish (It essentially means this’d be the procedure for Europe’s edition of ToV) release gets dual audio.

I mean if you told me that it was rather disadvantageous because it would be a pain to fit the Japanese voice track on the asian and NA release of Tales because it’s a space-related problem then fine, that’s okay. That however, is clearly not the case.

But like I’ve said on IRC, an ASIAN RELEASE getting two seperate versions and a european version getting a dual-audio version is rather hard to fathom. Seriously it would make more sense for a dual-audio version to go to all regions since it would just be a simple matter of adding an additional voice track. It’s pretty fucking retarded to give a sole region like Europe the opportunity for dual audio when two larger and/or more closely affiliated markets get either two seperate versions or single-audio versions.

tl;dr have an irc discussion

[10:39pm] <@Cokematic> CI
[10:39pm] <@Ci> ?
[10:39pm] <@Ci> ?
[10:39pm] <@Ci> ?
[10:39pm] <@Ci> ?
[10:39pm] <@Cokematic> Tales of Vesperia EU version is rumoured t be dual audio
[10:39pm] <@Ci> ?
[10:39pm] <@Ci> FAGGOTS
[10:39pm] <@Cokematic> out this june
[10:39pm] <@Ci> and I want sauce
[10:39pm] <@Ci> on this
[10:40pm] <@Cokematic> can you read.. .spanish?
[10:40pm] <@Cokematic> >.>
[10:40pm] <@Ci> (like how gamefaqs was all lyk zomg japanese audio DLC)
[10:40pm] <@Ci> but in the end >_>
[10:40pm] <@Ci> uh
[10:40pm] <@Ci> wtf
[10:40pm] <@Ci> you can read spanish?
[10:40pm] <@Cokematic> no
[10:40pm] <@Cokematic> http://www.xbox360spain.com/foros/noticias/24521-tales-vesperia-se-pondra-la-venta-en-junio.html
[10:40pm] <@Cokematic> “Vendr・subtitulado al castellano y con las voces en ingles y japon. ”
[10:41pm] <@Cokematic> but im sure that says something about spanish subs with english and japanese audio?
[10:41pm] <@Ci> This makes me slightly filled with rage
[10:41pm] <@Cokematic> I’d be even more pissed if they get SO4 with dual audio
[10:41pm] <@Cokematic> I WILL BE MAD
[10:41pm] <@Ci> oh
[10:41pm] <@Ci> translated is
[10:41pm] <@Ci> subtitled in castilian (i guess its mexican)
[10:42pm] <@Ci> with japanese / eng audio
[10:42pm] <@Cokematic> FFFFFFFFFFFF
[10:42pm] <@Ci> Fackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[10:42pm] <@Cokematic> theya re talking about TOV right?
[10:42pm] <@Cokematic> and not SO4?
[10:42pm] <@Ci> i’ll check
[10:42pm] <@Ci> gimme a sec
[10:43pm] <@Ci> yeah
[10:43pm] <@Ci> it says it will coincide with SO4
[10:43pm] <@Ci> atari is the distributor
[10:43pm] <@Ci> it doesn’t say SO4 will be in J audio.
[10:44pm] <@Ci> which would really be rageworthy
[10:44pm] <@Alkenshel> wow
[10:45pm] <@Alkenshel> lol
[10:45pm] <@Ci> *spanish
[10:45pm] <@Alkenshel> QUICK YOU GUYS
[10:45pm] <@Ci> not mexican
[10:45pm] <@Alkenshel> LEARN SPANISH
[10:45pm] <Luceid> got XBOX360, hemi?
[10:45pm] <@Alkenshel> no. I’ll steal COke’s.
[10:45pm] <@Ci> wait but they speak in english/japanese
[10:45pm] <@Ci> i mean tales’ dub was ok
[10:45pm] <@Cokematic> lol
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> yeah
[10:46pm] <@Alkenshel> enjoy your no habla ingles menus
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> if SO4 dual audio
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> im banning everyone
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> >.>
[10:46pm] <@Ci> but it kind of makes me think why the fuck does an asian release have no J audio when a SPANISH RELEASE does.
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> LOL
[10:46pm] <@Cokematic> agreed
[10:46pm] <@Alkenshel> ooh ooh i know I know!
[10:46pm] <@Alkenshel> trolling?
[10:47pm] <Shin_Asuka> justo como habia planeado
[10:47pm] <Shin_Asuka> jajajaja
[10:47pm] <@Alkenshel> lol
[10:47pm] <@Alkenshel> es asianos ey mucho trolled!
[10:47pm] <Shin_Asuka> yo soy el hueso de mi espada
[10:48pm] <@Alkenshel> es ist trolled!
[10:49pm] <@Ci> fuck you namco bandai
[10:49pm] <@Ci> fuck you atari
[10:49pm] <@Ci> and the ba’ul you rode in on

Namco Bandai’s european division and/or Atari have just pulled off an elegant/excellent/scale-13 troll. Wonderful. What’s worse, Manga can laugh heartily at my ass and Coke’s.


Well played. Well fukken played.

Edit: I forgot this. I had a nice good laugh.

[10:52pm] <@Alkenshel> maybe the board meeting for that went something like
[10:53pm] <@Alkenshel> “okay, so do we release dual audio for the asian release?’
[10:53pm] <@Alkenshel> “hell no, they’re asians, they’re probably sick of the japanese stuff. ENGLISH IS GOOD.”
[10:53pm] <@Alkenshel> “maybe we can make a killing with the japanese audio in the european release! YEAH!”
[10:53pm] <@Alkenshel> YEAH

Edit 2:


Cokematic you are a massive faggot.

6 thoughts on “Tales of Vesperia for Europe released with Dual Audio?

  1. Well, as I said to coke, I believe it when I see it.

    And since I got myself a NTSC X0 and ToV I see no reason to get it in PAL format as well.

    I haven´t heard anything about the version being released outside of Spain getting dual audio. Namco hasn´t released a single Tales of game outside of Japan with J Audio so sorry, I have to see this or read the review from a game magazine to believe this.

    If they can get spanish, german, english and all the other languages in the game usually then I don´t understand why Japanese should be such a hard thing to give as well.

    But oh well. The one who lives will see.

  2. Yes, it was my impatience speaking when I bought a NTSC system. But I´ve grown tired of having to wait for years for games that I want to play to arrive. Games are my hobby, I can´t wait for that :p

    I don´t know anything about Vesperia that is a first for the tales series so I can´t say anything about that. I can just base my writing on previous experiences.

    I want to see how this turns out. If it is only for Spain then it´s a big bucket of nasty words. I just hope that they release a downloadable content with the japanese voices :p for free though.

  3. The Dual audio feature was never planned for ToV Europe, it is because they’re trying to “make up” for the late release. Has that ever run through your head? ToV has been in america/japan for almost a year now.

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