The Seven Days of Vesperia – Day 2

A dedication to the lonely lolitwin pair~

Droite and Gauche sidestory manga for the massive win. Fund it!

They’d probably win an award for “most overlooked” in terms of ToV fanart though.

Onto the matter at hand, there’s something…endearing about Gauche and Droite, providing you play through their challenge letter sidequest.

Can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes them so endearing though, perhaps it’s a cross between their orphan past, in-game pantsu shots, clumsiness and the whole manzai act they’ve got going on.

Once again, do enjoy.

Images all courteousy of their respective artist(s)

Sources: pixiv, danbooru, assorted others.

ToV being Namco’s property and stuff. Sue me not please~

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