It’s A Tales News Blowout!

Okay, first off, i’d like to thank AbyssalChronicles for alerting me to this wonderful news!


Edit: Corrected Rita’s Seiyuu a bit, also adding onto the movie synopsis a tad bit: It is about Yuri and Flynn’s time as comrades in the Imperial Knights and when they were sent on numerous missions outside of Zaphias.

The only villain confirmed to have a recurring appearance is Commandant Alexei.

1. The Tales of Vesperia movie site is now up! Its official title is Tales of Vesperia ~First Strike~. It’s scheduled for Fall 2009. It also takes place BEFORE Tales of Vesperia, meaning there’s no Judith :'(

The cast, at least for the main stars of the movie, is confirmed:

Yuri Lowell: Toriumi Kousuke

Flynn Scifo: Miyano Mamoru

Estellise: Mai Nakahara

Rita Mordio: Rika Morinaga

Raven/Schwann Oltorain (?): Eiji Takamoto

A new character for the Tales of Vesperia movie has been introduced!


No official name as of this moment though. Although the only female knights i’ve heard mentioned in the series are Sodia (and this is definetely not her) and Raven’s old friend Casey (dead) although you know, original content etc…


Lookin kinda’ Sakura there, Estelle


Tales of Vesperia: DoTNW





2. The Tales of Vesperia PS3 site is now up! Although you should access it from here.

A number of enhancements for the PS3 version have been announced. That is, aside from Patty.



The PS3 version features:

Additional events, scenes and quite possibly dungeons.

The option to have all the main scenes fully voiced.

New titles, New Mystic/Burst Arte cut-ins.

Additional Boss fights.

Theme song is still Kane wo Narashite (lol)

3. Patty Fleur’s profile is up.

Her catchphrase (or introductory phrase) is “let’s hope tomorrow’s another day, nanojya!”

She ends her sentences with nanojya, not jya, apparently (because it’s okay to end sentences with nano when asking a question, seriously.)

14 years old

VA: Chiwa Saitou (I said this already)

132cm tall.

I know this isn’t directly stated, but a few of Patty’s artes have been revealed:

Trigger Shot

Variable Trigger

4. Tales of Versus is announced for summer 2009


The only three characters I can officially see that appear in-game (aside from Luke, Yuri, Shing and Richter) are Kratos, Colette and Lloyd Irving.



Also, the game allows free travel between 4 locations:

The Holy Country Heidr, The Kingdom of Knights Hraesvelgr, The New Empire Niddhog and The Alliance of Free Cities Dyne)

There are fully voiced skits, the LMBS will still be used. 35 characters from across the Tales series will do battle (okay seriously now this seriously sounds like Super Smash Brothers with a Tales twist) and there is a battle mode called Yggdrasil battle mode.

Girl Next Door will perform the theme song for the game, and they will perform at the Tales festival after BACK-ON (they did flyaway, the OP for ToW: RM2)

Thank you, Abyssal Chronicles! Also, thank you, ï¼”gamer!

Now I can only pray the additional ToV PS3 content comes out as DLC for the Xbox 360, after all, Microsoft hates to see exclusives go. That, and the 360’s got a enormous lead in terms of online content offerings and delivery~

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