[F/HA] One Day Vol. 1 Translated! This is where it all began~

And so, I’ve finished up Volume 1. I wasn’t expecting much since it was only what…30 pages? Not much by any standard really. I blame my laziness and the fabled real world.

One Day 1

Do enjoy~

Everything starts somewhere. And an interesting start it is~

As per usual, Rin and Ilya take advantage of an impressionable Saber and a flustered Sakura. If it were one thing i’d note,  it would be that it seems that Type-Moon characters always turn out to be gag magnets.

When they say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, the cast of Fate put a new spin on that age-old quote. What happens when Saber’s got nothing to do in the Emiya household and Ilya comes to visit? An idle Saber becomes Ilya’s perfect workshop.

Rin, of course, never sits out on any sort of fun, whatever it may be. Even if it’s fun with the head of a rival mage family.

But praytell, what type of fun would someone like Ilya have in mind? Strip poker? Nah, more like Strip Jan-Ken-Pon.

In other words, do enjoy!

On a side note, if that isn’t enough, there’s Ronpaia’s latest doujin up for grabs. Edits by Raenius. TL by Yozora.


Seriously, go get it.

The cast of Fate decide to solve the energy crisis! And what better way to do it than making the switch to eco-mode!

Randomness, misunderstandings and chibi-fication abounds. After all, the only type of “energy” a servant would probably understand is mana (read: recharge) and the only way your going to solve that is to make the switch to chibi eco-mode. Smaller means less mana consumption amirite?

Although…in Sakura’s case…that may not be a good thing.

tl;dr Saber is easily decieved and Rin and Ilya are scheming, manipulative and several types of awesome.

Off to work on Volume 2!

3 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 1 Translated! This is where it all began~

  1. We’re going through these at a pretty decent rate, huh? At this rate we’ll be done with One Day in a few months at most. No one’s more surprised than me. Also, I’m going to have to nominate “Don’t Look Back In Anger” for best Oasis song.

  2. Hey, can’t believe I just noticed this, but is page 30 in volume 4 missing? It seems to skip from page 29 (interlude 3) to page 31 (where Maki twists Saegusa’s hair).

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