A post on some random news because I have nothing else to post.

Seriously. One Day Vol. 2 soon though.


In other news:

1. MBAA PS2 port on Famitsu, scheduled for 8th August, has Ryougi Shiki in it. If this doesn’t solidify the fact that Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai take place within the same world I don’t know what will.



Now we can have a three-way seventeen dissection team combo. I fear the screen will explode with awesomeness.

Also includes a new mode.

[via seasons of change]

2. Fate/Unlimited Codes has not only a normal and extended edition, but a DELUXE AND COLLECTORS EDITION WTF.

The deluxe edition comes with limited edition cards, pins and some spread-pad of sorts…costs 9240 yen

The collector’s edition comes with a limited edition commuter’s pass and poster.

Specs on the poster are: Height – 1400mm Width – 500mm

Collector’s edition costs like…8980 Yen…

[via: seasons of change | od3]

3. Magna Carta 2 announced for the 360.

[source: od3]

4. Hey Shin, you can have your lolis and grope them too! Doki Mahou Plus announced!

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