[F/HA] One Day Vol. 2 Translated! Also, more pantsu shots than…uh…ever.

I wasn’t really kidding either, this volume has more pantsu shots of rin than any other.


SO SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY THE NOSEBLEEDS. That means you too, Nazarielle.

Therefore, this is also somewhat relevant.

Essentially, the reason this was so delayed is because I think the 10 X experience point perk in Tales of Vesperia’s EX NEW GAME feature makes killing shit way more fun.


That aside, I think i’ve said it before, but this project is a joy to just edit. I’d need to thank my translator for his dedication to this project and to the doujin artist himself.

So what have I got this time? Well, Rin trains with Saber, panty flashes ensue. THAT IS ALL.

Also, there is delicious Mitsuzuri in summerwear. DELICIOUS.

And with regards to Volume 4, I missed a page apparently, so here we go with a “v2” of sorts.

5 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 2 Translated! Also, more pantsu shots than…uh…ever.

  1. *hanaji*

    Rin training with Saber eh? That will certainly be delicious. Is there any Ilya? Please tell me there’s at least some Ilya. I need a serving of loli with my pantsu or I just feel completely unbalanced~

    • Yusssssssssss~ I’ll be looking forward to that. But it’s ok, I’m definitely agreeing with Shirou. “Please forgive my adolescent mind.” haha… *hanaji*

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one with my mind in the gutter when Rin is sitting on top of Sakura and rubbing her >_>

  2. No, I should be thanking you. I can’t imagine this is an easy series to edit with the all the text (and boy does volume six have a ton), but you do a great job every time in addition to making my translation sound, you know, good. This is a pretty fun series to translate, though. Also, Fue turned me into a Ayako fan, so I’m kind of feeding my own addiction.

  3. If you haven’t already fixed everything, I finally figured out how to read the kanji on page 29 of volume 5 (damn Fue’s stylized kanji). I would translate as “Looks more than alright.” And that’s it, I guess- halfway through volume 7, it’s awesome.

  4. Oh, and page 21 of volume 12, middle panel and leftmost writing (Shirou’s line) is “Now that you mention it, we normally would have invited her.” I really need to go to sleep.

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