18 thoughts on “I have reached the conclusion I have no life.

  1. @: Cokematic

    O countless particles that wander the heavens, rain down and glorify the land! Meteor Storm!

    @: Silverdragon15

    I wasn’t going to.

    @: Beanbrew

    I salute myself whenever I see that

  2. Wow. The only thing I can remotely compare to that is my hundred and twenty hours or so on Disgaea, and that obviously barely measures up. I guess I’m impressed.

  3. I don’t really like Abyss that much either, but I have a horrible problem with 100% completion and stuff in some games (thankfully not all of them).

    I probably clocked a lot of time in Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Rebirth too…

  4. OH SHI-

    I don’t think I’ve ever spent even close to that on a single game. Back in elementary school when I only had a GameCube and a GBA I played Tales of Symphonia for about 250 hours, but that’s it. It’s a good thing your insanity has been certified XD

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