Battle Moon Wars OST – Marble Fantasm

Okay so I actually bought this at C75 from WERK’s table back in ’08, since Day 2 was mostly spent at commercial booths and not so much at the doujin music booths.


[Disc 1 Download: mediafire] | [Disc 2 Download: mediafire]

EDIT: Thanks to megaolix, I have fixed the rar for disc 1 which is apparently afflicted with a corrupt track which results in an error extracting one of the tracks. This USUALLY happens due to a shit upload, so blame my internets please. Enjoy once again, and for those who don’t wish to re-download an enormous rar, here’s the track.

I was, however, determined to pick this particular piece from WERK up, especially after playing and thoroughly enjoying Battle Moon Wars.

After giving both the Battle Disc and Adventure Disc a good thorough listen, I’m at the conclusion this is a generally somewhat enjoyable disc as a whole, even if you’ve never played Battle Moon Wars before.

But seriously, Wallachia’s theme should not have a rap in it. I could take “do the impossible, see the invisible” in TTGL, but not when you’re crafting the theme of an immortal vampire who drags your worst fears from deep within your heart and gives them, black, terrifying form.

At any rate, don’t expect many future releases of this kind from me…I just kind of feel a franchise which has helped me waste away many a lonely night trying to get those battle masteries deserves some kind of a plug here, and what better way than to share it’s OST (which is, in its own right, a very good throwback to the legendary Type-Moon tracks some of the battle mixes come from) and spread the love a little.

Note: Some tracks remain unnamed or renamed as “the theme of [-insert character-]” because I cannot translate or know the wording for their name. If anyone can tell me what they are, go ahead, the scans are inside.

On a final note…



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