[F/HA] One Day Vol. 6 Translated! Or rather, the joys of a day-job~

And yes, the joys of a day job are plentiful indeed. They keep you out of trouble, and for those born into a world of blood and violence, it gives you an excuse to not kill “threats” on sight.



So why not go get it and find out for yourself?

EDIT: FUCK I AM A KLUTZ. Anyway fixed the error and improperly cleaned speech bubble.

That aside, I sincerely apologize to both my translator and anyone waiting for this for the delay, I’ve been terribly busy and had to push this to an unspoken release a week post-incident forwards from my previously promised date.

Vol. 7 up much faster, hopefully!

Also, to my translator, if you do read this, I’ve got a proposition for ya…

want to help scanlate the Melty Blood Manga? There’re raws up to all of Ch. 5 and i’ve got me a scanner and a copy of vol. 6~

On a final note- I hate writing newspaper reports, that is all.


9 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 6 Translated! Or rather, the joys of a day-job~

  1. Nice job as always. I’ve mostly been doing my own thing for the past couple of weeks, so don’t worry about the date. As for Melty Blood, I’m up for it. It’d be a nice change of pace from all the comedy I’ve been reading lately. Let me just finish up volume nine of One Day (I had to pull an all-nighter to catch a train, so I got a good chunk of it done) and I’ll try and knock out a couple of chapters. Do you know what the last scanlated chapter was? Also, the more I look for a job the more depressing this volume becomes. It’s funny until it happens to you, I guess.

  2. I spent 3 months hunting for a job before I finally got one, so yeah. But if you are desperate, just grab anything that comes your way, even if you might not like it. Everything is an experience, and besides, you will be bound to learn something.

  3. This took longer than it should have. Spending time with family = low productivity. Anyway, here’s the link to the .txt file.
    Something I should have asked a long time ago, but do you prefer this to posting it on /fate? I imagine it’s easier than copying it from the site. I’ll get right to work on Melty Blood and try and have a couple of chapters done by the middle of next week or so.

  4. You could’ve asked me to help you edit. I feel RONERY…

    Anyways, not that I can help, but I can redraw stuff for more high qual look (aside from the typesetting and proofreading and quality-check I did…)

    Oh, and if you’re planning to do Kaleid Liner, I’m in.

  5. I guess I’ll just put this here. This has been a lot of fun, I have to say- playing around with the almost theatric speaking styles was amusing. Here’s the rest of volume five:
    I’ll get to work on the next volume of One Day- it’s another long one.

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