In some rather related news

ilya-as-sellaIt’s times like these I TRY to drill something into my head, like the fact I CONTINUE TO BLOG, or whatever.

So, yeah…here we go.

1. GUST, NIS and Idea factory are making a new RPG for the PS3 called Trinity Universe. It will retail for 7329 yen in August. Scans here and here. It reminds me of Eternal Sonata.

2. New Ryu Ga Gotoku game in development. Thanks, Neogaf.

3. Melty Blood Actress again PS2 confirmed for the 22nd of October 2009.

4. Fate/Zero SOUND DRAMA vol. 3 announced for the 28th of August, with an exhibit showcasing it at HOBIBOX’s comiket 76 booth. Type/Moon Drama CDs are always interesting insights into the characters of the franchise (F/Z being the one in this case). Just like the AATM drama CD was a great way to get acquainted with the cast of Type-Moon.

Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua THE BEST (i kid you not, this is the title) on sale on the 18th of June, 2009. I think it’s like a platinum version of the classic realta nua. Cheaper and shit, etc…

The Kara no Kyoukai 6 DVDs of fairy tale or oblivion recorder/boukyaku rokuon will be released in 2 editions on the 29th of July. The Limited edition comes with stuff like a Soundtrack CD for DVD 6 and pamphlets with Takeuchi’s original illustrations, despite the fact numerous Type-Moon illustrators > Takeuchi. LE costs 7875 Yen, Normal costs 5040 Yen, but Amazon sells it at 26% off if you order now.

Bakemonogatari Anime Greenlit with TV Tokyo, Saitama TV, Chiba TV and TV Kanagawa broadcasting, date is July 2009 for broadcast.

Special thanks to Seasons of Change for the Type-Moon updates.

Also, Ilya2wei is awesome. READ IT. READ IT. READ IT. READ IT OR ANATA WO HANNIN DESU. OR YOU’RE MISSING OUT akasaldkaslksd crossover madness.



I dig the tan

tl;dr and spoilers.

Ilya meets herself.

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  1. That title isn’t going to become a meme, is it? Also, are you done with “Seven Days of Vesperia”?

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