Melty Blood Ch. 23 Translated

And that’s because I need something to do while I play Tales of the World.


Or should it be the other way around? Other than that, enjoy!

Mediafire: HERE

Note to my translator: I know the katakana is “pu” but apparently her arc drive is blud die schwester(?) so I’m a little…puzzled.

I was a little tempted to put “METEOR” there, though…

And thanks to Azstraph, if those are your raws.

5 thoughts on “Melty Blood Ch. 23 Translated

  1. I’m relieved you knew the official name. This is coming from Nasu, the guy who came up with Rizo Waal Strout and Bazett Fraga McRemitz, so any official romanization is a good thing.

  2. Huh, sorry about that. I stuck it on megaupload this time.
    And I really don’ t mind any delays. I wish I could be delayed by work. Most of my day is spent doing odd jobs and figuring out how to kill time in between. This economy is killing me. Good for the translation though, I suppose.

  3. You are awesome. I’ve been dying to read Melty Blood, played the game but had no clue what the storyline was xD

    So yeah, I’m jumping out and saying thanks, if you could finish MB it’d be awesome =3

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