A (hopefully) useful primer to Decoration Disorder Disconnection in lieu of JthE’s recent translation.

I swear I will never know where Nasu pulls names out of. I mean sure they fit nicely but still…

Naming conventions and mollusk jokes aside, DDD (Decoration Disorder Disconnection) is a series of novels Kinoko Nasu wanted to write around the time of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

In the end, he began writing part one (some people actually think of Junk the Eater(JthE) as a side story and not an actual part of the main story, but w/e) around spring-fall of 2004 and released it in september of the same year.

Shortly after, part 2 was released in FAUST, and it was entitled Hand(S) R. Part 3 came afterwards, and that was called Hand(S) L.

The story of DDD is relatively hard to ascertain from the first book (read: JthE, translated by arai), since DDD uses a storytelling technique that tells the story backwards, so at the end of it all, the events of the first story are made sense of.

However, before anything, I need to introduce some characters…

Note: If I am wrong on any details, do feel free to correct me.

1. Arika Ishizue

The protagonist of the story. Lost his arm in the events preceding DDD to his little sister, Kanata Ishizue. He is a apathetic, cold person who works for Karyou Kaie for 200,000 yen a month to deattach and reattach his demon limbs. On occasion, he gets sent by Kaie on missions on which he needs to eliminate selected “demon possessed”.

2. Karyou Kaie

A demon master with the form of a 14-15 year old male. Kaie’s appearance is especially significant since most people like Arika call him “a knockout beauty”, which basically means he’s an epic trap the likes of which Mariya Shidou could learn a thing or two from.

What’s even more interesting to note is the fact that he is very likely based off one of Nasu’s earlier characters. Merem Solomon.

Merem Solomon parallels Kaie in many ways: appearance, demeanour…but most importantly, nature.

Like Kaie, Merem Solomon’s four limbs were brutally stripped from him at a young age due to a rare talent he had – he could materialize things and speak to animals. It is because of this rare talent that the people of his village came to revere him as a god. The selfish nature of human beings, though, prompted the village leaders and citizens to cut off all his limbs to prevent him from ever leaving the village.

It is around this time that the Crimson Moon Brunestud noticed him, and challenged the villagers to a morbid, terrifying game- force Merem Solomon to bring forth a creature so mighty even the Crimson Moon would not be able to fight it. Succeed, and they could live. Fail and at the dawn of the night on which this game was to begin, they would all die.

Due to the power of the crimson moon and the limited imagination of the villagers, every creature brought forth failed to defeat Crimson Moon. As he promised, Crimson Moon killed every last one of them and remade Solomon as a Dead Apostle with four demon limbs he allowed Merem to visualize- the Kings of Sky, Earth, Rats and one more known simply as “Lady Windup”.

Kaie’s limbs are made of four beings known as true demons, supposedly composed of “devils”, a substance opposed to ether, the element which allows form. The fourth limb is not revealed, but his arms and legs are either revealed or named. They are called Delight, Hatred and Sorrow, servants of Karyou Kaie. Arika uses hatred on most of kaie’s missions.

To better illustrate this, here are some of my old T-M character material scans with Kaie and Solomon.

3. Tsuranui Mihaya.

Arika’s kouhai from high school. Apparently his love interest and the focus of JthE.

4. Touma Matou

Or more affectionately known as Tomato-san, she’s a female cop very interested in demon-posession but not to the lengths of becoming one of them herself. She apparently has a nice side to her and is one of the less messed-up characters of DDD. She is, however, a weapons expert and deadly with shotguns and pistols.

5. Hisaori Shinya

One of the agonists admitted into a place known as the Origa Memorial Hospital, wherein Arika was also briefly warded. He was warded for A-disorder under the grounds of trying to kill his parents. He was discharged later on counts of being “rehabilitated” and that the incident was deemed to be an accident.

6. Hisaori Makina

Shinya’s older sister and given the ability to copy anyone. In her case, she tried to copy her brother because of apparent suffering at the hands of her parents. She exists as a hollow person who could not exist without wearing the face of another. She assumes her brother’s identities and becomes an exact carbon copy of Shinya, in a psychotic master plan engineered to drive him insane and kill her parents. After this is done, she assumes Arika’s identity as soon as Shinya’s parents are killed in a freak accident.

Shinya, however, manages to smoke her out by committing a series of crimes as Arika culminating in his eventual death. With no facade left to wear, she tries to copy Kaie as a final, last act of vengeance. Needless to say that ended messily.

7. Ishizue Kanata

Arika’s younger sister and a freakishly powerful demon-possessed. Her ability is superhuman strength and she is listed as one of the most powerful (or most powerful) individuals afflicted by the syndrome. It’s not uncommon to see her drenched in blood.

She’s 14 around the time of Hand(S) and looks 20. And she has tits. Don’t believe me?

Art by Koyama Hirokazu, he illustrates DDD. Not to mention Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

Now that that’s done. There’s only one more thing that’s necessary to know:

What is demon possession?

Demon possession is just a name used to simplify matters. The real name of this syndrome is called Agonist Disorder. Agonist Disorder is a disorder that drives the victim insane  and violent as one would normally see in a real case of possession.

In more severe cases, this puts too much stress on the body and ligands start to be overproduced by the body. I’m not quite sure what ligands do IRL, so w/e. In this case, the ligands poison neural receptors and cause the body to mutate and bestow powers upon the infected. It is possible to treat the disease by amputation, unless the disease is in terminal stages and/or has infected a vital organ like the lungs or heart.

Right, now I can elaborate on JthE.

Around the start of chapter 1, we are introduced to two people, Karyou Kaie and Ishizue Arika (i don’t count Arika’s arm-eating imouto as being properly introduced here yet).

Arika, the protagonist of this story, lost his arm thanks to his little sister, and thanks to Kaie, holds a demon arm granted to him by Kaie everytime he goes on any of his missions. The demon that replaces his arm is called “hatred” and takes the form of a large, blind black dog.

Later on in the story, he meets his a junior of his from high school, Tsuranui Mihaya and they talk about a mysterious lurker going around town eating dogs. The story becomes more dangerous when it is revealed this killer is somehow related to Arika and Mihaya.

Arika eventually uncovers the mysterious lurker’s hideout, an abandoned storage room lined with bloodied dog carcasses. It is here that Arika and the mysterious lurker face off, culminating in a battle in which Arika uses his arm to tear the mysterious lurker few new orifices.

At the end of the story, after an exchange with Matou (a police officer who becomes far more significant in the later chapters), the mysterious lurker is revealed to be an classmate of Arika’s from middle school, a girl named Fusou Yukio afflicted with Agonist syndrome coupled with a severe case of anorexia which prompted her “eating spree”.

DDD moves on from there by telling the story of several individuals. In order by chapter:

1. Hisaori Shinya and Hisaori Makina.

Their story is a tragic one, but essentially, Makina develops a severe case of A-disorder and uses her brother in an elaborate revenge scheme to get back at her parents, which backfires when her brother throws a monkey wrench into her plans. She dies when trying to assume Kaie’s existence, only to find out she cannot.

2. Ishizue Kanata

She takes on Touma Matou in the new chapter introduced in Kodansha’s reprint of the serialized Faust chapters. I don’t know much about this one since information is scarce, but it has to do with the reasons both her and her brother’s admission into Origa Memorial Hospital.

3. The “Sinker”

A friend of a friend of Arika’s called Igurumi Kazumi. A star baseball player who fell from grace when his teammates break his pitching arm when they get too envious of his skills. His mom eventually dies by suicide after finding out he tried to continue pitching to not worry her despite his broken elbow.

He was eventually expelled from school and made a homeless wanderer. After a few months, a mysterious man bestowed upon him his powers in exchange for his life and sanity.

After contracting A-disorder, he around killing those in the street playing a game called SVS, a simplified version of baseball. After he drove himself insane, he embarked on a maddened slaughter spree. It didn’t matter who died, as long as they died.

4. Hinomori Syuusei

A hunter of the demon-possessed who is one himself. His power is basically immensely heightened reflexes cause by a condition his brain has that allows him to percieve the world in a adrenaline-enhanced state, similar to that of a human being when they know their life is in danger and death is imminent. He fights Tomato-san on one occasion and demonstrates speed enough to dodge bullets from a H&K MP5 SMG.

5. Ishizue Kanata

She has a small role in the last few pages of DDD’s second volume. It’s a small memo in which she describes demolishing Origa Memorial Hospital and all it’s wardees. Bear in mind that these wardees are afflicted with A-disorder and have powers of their own, like temporal distortion, telepathy and mass alteration. It is revealed at the end of it that her own power is superhuman strength.

Thanks to all my sources for helping me put together this sum-up of DDD…namely:

[The Type Moon Wikia | The Beast’s Lair | Koichan | Akiba Ch | fuyuki | Tsukikan | THIS THREAD AND SUSHI-Y]

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  1. Wow… So much information!!! ^^ I truly hope that after finishing Kara no Kyoukai, TYPE-MOON will animate this one, too! 😆
    BTW, thanks for the translation (although there are things that I can’t understand, especially about Shinya and Makina 😯 ).

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