[F/HA] One Day Vol. 7 Translated! Pantsu, Nekomimi and Magical Girl Kaleido-Ruby!

I’m dead serious.


Editor’s note: Seriously, once One Day! is done, I’m going to re-release volume 7 with the greatest editing decision of my life. *cough* PROMOTIONS *cough*

Mediafire: HERE

Mediafire fixed: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

Mistakes: It’s Kaleido not Kaliedo. I need to stop playing by ear…v2 soon, I guess. It’s a pretty small error though :/

Also, while the longest of the volumes, One Day Vol. 7 is by far the most awesome. Pantsu, A drunk heroine trio, Nekomimi Ilya, Magical Girl Kaleido Ayako, Rider X Ayako (which happens almost all the time, even in canon works) and absolute fabulousness.

That aside, I do wonder what the current mortality/birth-death rate is in Japan…I remember it was a pretty big issue a few years back but apparently now Japan’s all about deporting foreigners so…

Anyway, to my translator: Sorry for the delays, work on volume 8 begins! Also you’re welcome to join me on IRC anytime if you want to discuss/pass me anything.

On a final note:


L-R: Lancer, Archer, Master of Assassin, Rider, Saber(?)

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5 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Vol. 7 Translated! Pantsu, Nekomimi and Magical Girl Kaleido-Ruby!

  1. Great work as always. I can imagine that this one was an undertaking to edit. I have to admit that I’ve been spending most of my free time drinking or playing Battle Moon Wars (only rarely both at the same time, though), so I’ve gotten a little less done than I had hoped. Here’s a link to a folder with translations for the two Type-Moon Ace Melty Blood specials and volume 11 of One Day. Unless you have any requests, I’m going to get started on the sort of one-off One Day doujins, like the unnumbered Hollow Ataraxia one. First, sleep though. I’ll try and hop on the irc sometime.
    Also, Fate/Strange Fake seems like it’s on a thin edge between being ridiculous and awesome; I can’t tell whether having the plague as a servant is a really cool or really dumb idea. It’s intriguing, though.

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