A really funny Kara no Kyoukai sidestory comic – 01 – feline

I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here, but it’s awesome.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, I mean, it has Takeuchi written all over it, but no credits.

Anyway, Shiki takes care of an abandoned cat while Mikiya’s away on “business” and Azaka and Touko aren’t much of a help. What ensues? Read on!

Also, I take no credit for editing and/or arranging for the translations. Thanks, O anon of koichan. I just rar’d these ’cause people may not like reading in a browser.

Depositfiles: HERE


2 thoughts on “A really funny Kara no Kyoukai sidestory comic – 01 – feline

  1. Feline was included in Mirai Fukuin, along with a couple other comics by Takeuchi. I’ve been looking for translations of Feline and the other comics for the longest time, so thanks for making my search a little easier.

    Also, keep it up with the One Day translations. Great stuff.

    • Actually, there are 3 chapters. If don’t have the 3rd, i will gladly upload it for you.

      BTW, thanks for your one day translation. I really enjoyed it.

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