The Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Manga – of daylight and to save grace

This is our bridge connecting the pasts and futures of Kara no Kyoukai, and it has been translated.


A little background: I just found out these are the manga shorts Takeuchi drew for Mirai Fukuin: Recalled out Summer’s (KnK’s 8th and latest chapter) release at ’08’s summer comiket and subsequent sales.

From what I know these comics come WITH Mirai Fukuin and the book was a Comiket-scheduled release since T-M got tempbanned from comiket for a year (or rather, just summer 08) after ’07 winter.

If you’re interested in the events preceding the Fujyou Kirie incident, read on. If you want to know the aftermath of “A remaining sense of pain”, read on.

Want to see Shiki take care of a cat? Or the reason for her promise to Mikiya? Then read on.

As always, I repeat, these ARE NOT MY TRANSLATIONS, NOR ARE THEY MY EDITS. This was just a seriously nice read, and worthy of a share and mirror.

Thanks to Koichan and CanonRap of the beast’s lair for translations. Ilceren/Jartsi of the Beast’s lair for the edits.

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

7 thoughts on “The Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Manga – of daylight and to save grace

  1. Hey i was wondering, alot of people were saying that there was a epilogue whereby a certain (but very important) character is introduced ( u guys probably know who it is but i just wanna be sure) and i was wondering whether it would be translated and if so where can i get it 😉

    thanks for the help if any

  2. is this the gospel in the future the epilogue of kara no kyoukai? where shiki and mikiya have a moment of romance or somethin? just need to confirm..

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