The Tales of Festival 2009 – Summing up points of relevant interest!

Raven_37 – For one, this post doesn’t contain most of the information released during today’s Tales of Festival Event. These are just points of interest. AbyssalChronicles has a much better…uh “liveblog” of it. I can’t really call it a liveblog since you know, that’s HARDCORE.

– Tales of Vesperia PS3 gets DLC for Flynn, Yuri and Estelle. Flynn gets Guy’s Luke’s costume, Estelle gets Tear’s, and Yuri gets Asch’s.

– Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike is scheduled for 3/10/2009. The new knight character isn’t really known yet, she reminds me of Yoko from gurren Lagann though, even if vaguely at best. [image mirror link: here]

Tales of the Abyss SPECIAL FAN DISK scheduled for the 22/12/2009. [image mirror link: here]

– Tales of Symphonia Tethe’alla arc for 2010.

Tales of Vesperia Web Radio for the 25th June?

Aaaaaaand that’s about it. AFK selling kidney and liver for PS3.

[pictures from: famitsu] [sources: dengeki | famitsu | はちま起稿 | 2ch tales information thread (thread MAY be dead)]

One thought on “The Tales of Festival 2009 – Summing up points of relevant interest!

  1. a745 never seems to sleep. In the nearly 2 years I’ve been working with her over at AC (even though she works for the main site and I cover scanlations), she always seems to be on. XD;;

    Flynn really shoulda gotten Guy’s costume though…seeing him in Luke’s is kinda weird.

    Not sure about a kidney and liver though…

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