The Melty Blood Type-Moon Ace Specials, Translated!

So welcome! Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber!


I mean, it would make more sense if I were to edit Chapter 26, but I’m leaving that in Shance‘s hands for the time being.

Right now, I’m finishing up One Day 8 and 9. I would’ve started sooner but the premise of delicious W. Len right alongside a Nanaya vs. Arcueid match had me…sidetracked (to say the least) for a bit.

Also, Fate/Stay Night in Hi-Def Blu-Ray awesome makes up for the clusterfuck of routes Studio DEEN tried to squeeze into a 24-episode-run animu.

Right…now back to Eden of the East.

So do enjoy.

Melty Blood Special 1 (Act EX): A Midsummer Night’s Dream

DepositFiles: HERE

Mediafire: HERE

Ifile: HERE

Melty Blood Special No. 2 FROM Type-Moon Ace

Note: This actually takes place AFTER Melty Blood, but prior to Melty Blood 2nd. Think of it like a Re-Act prologue.

Depositfiles: HERE

Mediafire: HERE

Ifile: HERE

4 thoughts on “The Melty Blood Type-Moon Ace Specials, Translated!

  1. Is it MB special 1 just end like that?? I don’t see the word “END” in the last chapter.
    BTW, thx again for your translation. I’m glad because every one or two week I can read something about typemoon
    from your website ^_^

  2. Hey, great job as usual. I’m just dropping off a link here, as apparently I forgot to do an essay for a scholarship that’s due in a couple of days. It has translations for the KnK comic as well as a side volume of One Day and the raw.

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