Updates to the Fate/Stay Night Movie Project.

First off, like many have already mentioned (and much to my chagrin) the route they’re following this time round is the UBW (Unlimited Blade Works) one. In my honest-to-god opinion i felt Heaven’s feel was far more tragic but felt far more fulfilling at the end of it all.

Personally I expected it, despite some hope, that DEEN would be doing this since the small little text bit at the bottom of the movie’s main site reads “FATE PROJECT”, of which DEEN, Type Moon, TBS, Frontier works etc are part of and have all collaborated before on…and you guessed it, Fate/Stay Night: The Anime Series aka Fate/Stay Night: The Hodgepodge of Routes.

Anyway, here’s some relevant information from the 2ch animovie page:

Original Concept: TYPE MOON

Director: Yamaguchi Yuuji

Character Design: Megumi Ishihara

Animation Studio: Studio DEEN.

Saber: Kawasumi Ayako

Archer: Jun’ichi Suwabe

Rin: Ueda Kana

Sakura: Shitaya Noriko

Kotomine Kirei: Jouji Nakata aka Taxi Driver Voice-man

Emiya Shirou: Noriyaki Sugiyama

Illyasviel Von Einzbern: Kadowaki Mai

Rider: Asakawa Yuu

Taiga: Ito Miki

Release Date: 23rd Jan 2010

Places in Japan with Cinemas that will show the movie: Shinjuku, Hokkaido, Saitama, Ikebukuro, Kyoto…etc.

Relevant Source: [2ch Animovie thread | /fate/]


Note: The scan only lists the movie premiere cinemas and something about a roadshow but not the cast- that’s obtained from the animovie thread.

I tend not to take 2ch news at face value or rather very newsworthy, but I’m inclined to believe this since all the other information in said thread has been right so far and the possibility of a recurring staff and cast isn’t that hard to believe since, well, this is pretty big and i’m assuming they have some sort of contract.

However, if I err (and I do that a lot) do tell.

EDIT: updated with extra names + kyouray’s scan from AS and this confirms what was posted in the 2ch animovie thread. I guess it’s pretty safe to say that Seiki Tomokazu, Canna Nobutoshi and Shitaya Noriko will come to reprise to their roles as Gil, Lancer and Sakura.

Well, I don’t know about you but I find their voices the most unique out of the cast of Fate!

(not counting Jouji Nakata ofc)

EDIT2: fixed some English for readability’s sake ;_;

11 thoughts on “Updates to the Fate/Stay Night Movie Project.

  1. Lol.. When I was reading this and came up to this part:
    Animation Studio: Studio DEEN.
    I literally yelled “FUCK!” 😯 out loud. I hope with a movie budget they can do a half way decent job. Although I can no longer expect pure awesomeness at the same level of the Kara no Kyoukai movies. Well to be fair, the Fate anime was pretty decent. However, it doesn’t do the visual novel justice.

  2. The trouble with HF is that there’s an awful lot of sex going around which makes it difficult to adapt and retain some important points. Sure we can excise Shirou’s dream without any problems and maybe cut one Sakura scene but there are some plot issues that can’t really be conveyed with blood-drinking.

    Even if they found a way around those we still have the references to rape which are also pretty much central to story.

    None of this is going to do the age rating a whole lot of good. Frankly, I doubt we’ll ever see HF even in a manga form (although Tsukihime was rather bold – there might be an author with the stones to try) so our only option really is UBW (or a repeat of Fate, which is what would have happened had J.C. Staff been on the job).

    • Strangely enough I completely forgot about Remaining Sense of Pain and of course you’re right, they even did depict the actual act to a certain extent.

      In all honesty I too would like to see HF animated, despite the reservations I raised earlier. I just think we should do the first two routes before that.

      See, you can compare HF to the answer arcs in the When They Cry games. At this point, putting out an HF movie would be a bit like doing the Massacre (or more optimistically, the Festival Accompanying) chapter halfway through the first season of Higurashi. Sure, it would make perfect sense to most viewers but you’re answering questions that haven’t been asked yet – that’s a bit of a waste, although the prospect of seeing Nine Lives Blade Works animated makes it very tempting all the same.

      Come to think of it though, I bet F/HA would make a brilliant sitcom. We even have some base material to work with.

      • I must admit comparing HF to an answer arc is a little clumsy, but I do think it does a similar job (in addition to finishing the story). Among other things, we finally get a real insight into Sakura’s and Shinji’s personalities and are told why he has such a funky command spell. It’s a bit (for me) like finding out that it wasn’t Mion who was completely guano insane.

        Oh, and please don’t give the crossover fanfic authors any ideas.

  3. (I’d reply to the comment in question but it’s already in a small enough box)

    As much as I prefer UBW, I’d have to say, the sister showdown alone would be worth making a whole Heaven’s Feel movie…

  4. I would also to be honest have prefered HF instead of UBW. Since i’m otherwise denied the opertunity of getting my grubby paws on the game, i have to contend with the novel, the anime and the manga, which all depicts different scenarios. But now that the movie will be UBW (same as manga), it kinda crushes my hopes of ever getting to see HF in another media at least.

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