Heaven’s Failure Volume 3 – BackNight, Translated!

This actually kind of plays on the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia thing where Avenger takes Shirou(ko)’s form thus leading to the birth of Anriko (sounds better than angrako or mainyu-ko) as Bazett’s servant.

I guess if you have your enemies falling head over heels for you, you don’t really even need to fight, you can make them fight themselves.

Also, C76 in 5 days. May talk on that later.


Art by KeG. This guy’s seriously good.

Note: The scans may appear odd in some places, that’s mainly due to raw quality and I can assure you that no content’s been cut out.

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

ifile: HERE

Also, there is a reason my updates for doujinshi have been slow as shit- reports suck. I apologize though, and edits will pick up soon as vacation nears (like in 5 days to a week), so count on it!

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