The countdown to NatsuComi (C76)

I actually have a bit of free time today, isn’t that a wonder. In between scanning One Day and random miscellaneous others, I figured I might as well make a personal checklist here after giving the C76 catalogue a nice little browse.

Note the fact that what I like isn’t really dependent on opinion at large, even if I do like some larger circles.

Hey iluna if you get me futabu 5 i’ll waive the whole breakfast thing.

1. Askray

East Hall, 16th Aug (Day 3), A-12b

He’s doing Futabu! 5. Holy lord, how long has it been?


2. CCC

East Halls, August 16th, シ-85b

As per usual, they’re slow in updating their website. Here’s betting on a TMC X05 sellout akin to what they pulled in C75.


3. Himura Kiseki

East Halls, August 16th, シ-71b

Doing Bakemonogatari this year? Not sure if want- he’s put off sword dancers for a fair while. Then again I’m only 3 episodes into Bakemonogatari and feel really good about this series.



East Halls, August 15th (2nd Day), A-18b

Most people know him as Kaleid Ilya/Kaleid Ilya 2Wei’s mangaka Hiroyama Hiroshi. This year, he’s doing touhou, but i’m not sure about anything else.

Ah…last battlers was full of win.


5. 貧乏長屋

West Halls, 16th August, き-41a

Not really well known, but he’s drawn for a number of DNA media comics’ Kara no Kyoukai anthologies (alacarte included) and distributed a good number of read-worthy Non-H doujinshi (some T-M related, some not) on his website.

I think he may be doing original content this year.


6. limit break (rimittobureku)

West Halls, 15th August, A-19b

Shirouko. That is all.

Oddly enough he’s doing touhou this year- I didn’t really catch whether or not he’s taking an extended break from Heaven’s Failure since I only thumbed through HF 5.

7. Ronpaia

East Halls, August 16th,プ-16a

No official doujin announcements- he coul d be:

– redistributing compilation works

– doing ronpaia paper (which is basically just paper with artist comments + illustrations)

– Working on One Day 14.

8. Kanzaki Karuna

East Halls, August 16th, シ-52a

Shinakoi’s manga artist, eyeing her mainly ’cause i’m drawn to that particular type of art style.

That and she’s doing Saki this year, one of the few Momo-Kajiki-centric doujins I’ve seen, so I’m definitely excited.



East Halls, August 16th, シ-71a

Their doujins differ from year to year based on artist interest, but they’re both fate fans, so they’ve done a fair share of fate in the past. Chances are, if the comiket catalogue is any indication, they’re riding on the saber lily bandwagon for C76.

10. Shimoyakedou

West Halls, August 15th, れ-43a

Primarily read them for Fate/Stay Night H in the past (futa/normal) and can safely say they can indeed put out high-quality artwork. K-On’s their pet series this year.

11. 爆天堂

East Halls, 16th august, ミ-12a.

Artist’s name translated is bakutendo (as is on his plala web) and prior to this, i’ve seen him draw 4-koma and covers for Enterbrain’s Magi-Cu Fate/Zero 4koma anthologies. Good stuff, good stuff.

This year, like Shimoyakedou, he’s doing K-on. Mio and Azusa-centric.

12. Sora Iro March

East Halls, 16th august, ナ-52a.

You could say their C75 ToV doujinshi piqued my interest since i’m a talesfag. I can’t exactly pinpoint what they’re doing this year so yeah. Looks hot though.

I wish St. Parusu and this guy would attend ;_;

Note: I probably haven’t listed every artist I like (read: NISE and T2). Also, all the stuff here is put up by the respective artists on their webpages, so yeah, if you like it, drop by and take a peek (in the privacy of your own room, hopefully).

Disclaimer: These works, not mine, I do not steal, credit goes to the respective artist.

5 thoughts on “The countdown to NatsuComi (C76)

  1. Great stuff! I’m looking forward to some Askray, too. Also looking foward to lots of K-ON and Saki doujins. Sasahara Yuuki is going to have another art book out (Boku wa Yapari I think it’s called) so I’m pretty excited about that, too. Have fun!

  2. 5. 貧乏長屋

    I think he may be doing original content this year.

    ^The image you posted underneath it is in fact Dennou Coil material.

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