Together with (Archer the) House-Husband – The continuation of Childcare is War!

Alright, so you’re probably going to ask me what the hell this is, so here goes.

First off, Childcare is War (or ikuji wa sensou da [nihon:育児は戦争だ]) is a relatively old (by doujin standards) doujin story authored (and I presume) illustrated by st parusu. You should read it first before actually moving onto the content of this story- you can get it here (just scroll down to Childcare is War)

For those too lazy, a brief outline of the story goes as thus: Archer is summoned by childhood versions of Tohsaka Rin and Matou Sakura who still live together as sisters. Archer thinks he’s been summoned for the holy grail war, but he was in fact summoned as the result of a ceremony for a brownie spirit (i’m assuming that this refers to the type of brownie you can eat) found in an old book.

Archer doesn’t willingly accept the two as masters right off the bat, but after reading the letter left to Rin and Sakura by their father (read: Tokiomi Tohsaka) and recalling the best days of his life spent with his own father while he was still a human child, he decides that the thing the two girls need more than anything is not sorcery, but a parent’s love and time. He then decides, for their sake, to be their servant and guardian, promising he’ll “never let his masters want for anything”.

Author is St Parusu, and all images and creative works are done by him- I’m merely translating what’s already there.

With that out of the way, here’s part 1 of the ikuji sensou story continuation- Together with House-Husband!


Together with House-Husband Part 1, Story 01 – Childcare is War

“Finally asleep, are they… Honestly… Damn, isn’t hard labor a violation of my contract…?”
“…Mmm… I’m going to play a bunch too, Archer… Zzz.”
“Your back’s so wide… Eh heh heh… Zzz.”
“Hmph… If it makes them that happy, I guess I can ease up on them…”
“I love you…”
“…Geez… Aaah. I suppose I’m at my limit too. Good night… You rowdy angels.”

3 thoughts on “Together with (Archer the) House-Husband – The continuation of Childcare is War!

  1. A brownie is type of house spirit found in European myth, I believe. They’re the sorts that take care of the house in exchange for cream, or some sort of token payment. Think the “House Elves” of Harry Potter.

  2. Is the series of together with house husband avaible for download or is it just a few pictures and mostly text?

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