Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 03 – Grow Strong


Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 03 – Grow Strong.

“Let go of Sakura, you disgusting, perverted, lolicon old man!”
“Yes, it’s good that you despise me. Then you should acquire the strength to protect what’s important to you.”
“*Sniff*… Nee-san, this man’s scary…”
“Hiyaaah!” *Whack!*
“…Ah, ahhh…My skull’s rattling…”
“Now, Sakura!”
“I can’t… I can’t leave you behind, Nee-san…”
“Sakura… If you do that-! I summon you, servant (Archer)! Get him!”
“…What am I, Rodem…? Ah, Kotomine-san, or whatever, the wash is done, so we’re fine now. Thanks for looking after them for me.”
“Ah… Hm… Then I take my leave. These children will grow if you train them, Archer.” (says this in a wavering voice)
“Go on, get out of here! Scatter some salt, Archer!
“Honestly, Rin… That’s very unladylike. I guess this means I have to teach you manners before fighting…”
“Archer-saaan!” *grab*
“Ah, no fair! Me too!” *grab*
“Geez. Okay, how about a nap…”

Notes after the jump.

Note 1 (with reference to Rodem): Rodem is one of Koichi’s protectors from the series Babel II by Yokoyama Misuteru. Rodem is the protector that takes the form of a Black Panther.

Note 2 (with reference to Salt): Salt in Japan is seen to have spiritual cleansing properties. The reason Rin asks Archer to scatter salt is to, well…cleanse the area and themselves of Kotomine’s evil presence.

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