Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 04 – The Journey


Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 04 – The Journey

“Hey, Archer, tell us a story!”
“…Hm? Well…alright. Once upon a time in a certain place, there was a foolish man. That man believed that with his own strength he could make everyone smile, without making a single person unhappy.”
“What a nice person.”
“You think so? …But whenever the man made one person happy, someone somewhere cried. No matter how hard he tried, someone would always cry. The man was troubled.”
“…That’s kind of sad…”
“…That man thought his own strength was not enough, so he prayed to God. ‘I don’t care about myself; I want only the strength to make everyone smile.’
The man’s wish was granted, and he received great power. But in return for protecting those many smiling faces, he caused many more people to cry.”
“Sniff… That’s awful…”
“Hm…? (*pat pat*) … But the man had no regrets. That’s because all the people who had been able to smile because of that power smiled back at the man with all their heart.
…Before he knew it, the man wished to see those smiling faces more, and thus he continued his journey.
The man was foolish, so just that sentiment was enough for him to try his hardest, no matter how painful it was.
That man still journeys towards the distant sky, no matter the pain or the heartbreak. He does this all to protect the small happiness and smiles of the people he had been able to catch with that strength.”
“…I wonder if… That person is still happy…”
“…Yes. He is happy. Because he’s protecting… Your wonderful smiles.”

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