Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 06 – Mr. Thunder and Ms. Kitten


Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 06 – Mr. Thunder and Ms. Kitten.

“Thunder is scary…!” (*shaking*)
“H-Hah! You’re a scaredy-cat, Sakura! It’s nothing to hide from! It’s just a natural phenomenon!”
“Hmm…By the way, Rin, do you know the story about how Mr. Thunder will steal your belly button?”
“Th-… That kind of stuff is just superstition!”
“Setting aside your skepticism towards the mysterious despite the fact that you practice magic…There is an actual basis for that story. Did you know that in Indian religions, the navel is a current for one’s essence, or basically one of the Chakra points on the body?”
“…” (Seems to know.)
“The god of lightning’s favorite food is a person’s fresh essence. Since ancient times, that essence has been tinged with magic, or magical power in other words…
After he finds a human who has it, the god judges them along with the thunder and then sucks out their magical power through their belly button.”
“…Auuuu…” (Shaking)
“I-, I said that’s…”
“I think you’re a superb mage, Rin.”
“Don’t let them take Nee-san…! *Sniff*”
“…Y-, you bully! Meanie meanie meanie! I hate you, Archer! Now we have to sleep together today!” (*sniff*)
“Yes, yes. Understood.”

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