Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 11 – A Day at the Beach


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 11 – A Day at the Beach

“Whee, the beach is fun!”
“*float**bubble*…. It’s a little scary, but it feels nice and cool!”
“Don’t tell me this is your first time here.”
“Yep (yes)!”
“I see. Then I’ll let you try the bad-tasting yakisoba and the syrup covered shaved ice.”
“…I don’t wanna eat that stuff! You make something, Archer!”
“W-, we came all this way to have fun together, to I want something tasty too.”
“You don’t quite get it… Trips have their own rules and related emotions. Even if you neglect the utility of doing things you can only do when and where you are, it’s important to grow and develop, you two.”
“Boo, that’s weird…Well then, what do you think of the Magnificent Rin’s special bathing suit appearance, a treat you can only see right here, Archer!?”
“Where on earth did you learn words like that…”
“Hm? What’s wrong, Sakura?”
“Auu… (*blush*) (-Seems to be conscious of it now)”
“Hmm. You’re stumpy right now, but in ten years you’ll probably be something. What do you think of that?”
“Grrrrr…I can’t tell if you’re praising us or insulting us!”
“Auuu… (*blush*) (-Still conscious of it)”
“Alright, first off, I’ll teach you how to play in the water.”
“Auuuuu~ (*blush*) (-Still conscious of it)”

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