Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 13 – The Edge of the Sky


“Those clouds are gigantic!”

Together with House-Husband Part 1, Chapter 13 – The Edge of the Sky

“Those clouds are huge!”
“It’s pretty neat how something so big can float up in the sky.”
“Since ancient times, the sky has been referred to as another world. If the sky is a world that’s different from the one we live in, I guess you could call that part a mountain.”
“I bet it would be fun to climb a mountain of fluffy clouds.”
“Eh heh heh, yeah…Oh, the tea’s ready.”
“Haven’t you ever been up there, Archer?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m an archer, not Pegasus or a griffon. I can’t fly in the sky. …Also, if that is a different world… You two can’t try to reach a place like that.”
“By the time you reach a place that high… You’ll have lost a lot of important things…”
“Let me ask you this…Are you happy now?”
“Yeah!” “Yes!”
“Then… Instead of going to far away places, try not to lose that happiness. Make sure to hold on to it.”
“…Yeah…” *hug*
“…Okay…” *hug*
“…Honestly it’s perfectly fine. As long as I’m around, you two are stuck here on the ground, so don’t worry so much.” (-Bitter smile-)
(No… You shouldn’t be saying that… To us…)

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