Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 18 – A World Where People Live


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 18 – A World Where People Live

Watching the Olympics (It’s late at night, so on a video)

“Hmm…So this is the rush for the gold, huh? Even with an unearthly body, it’s difficult for the best of one’s home country to excel.”
“If you were in this kind of stuff Archer, you’d get first place in everything!”
“I don’t think winning is everything, but… If it was a bow, Archer-san could do it for sure!”
“…Heh. Well, you see, the abilities my body has are that of  a servant’s. A being who has surpassed humanity’s notion of reason cannot interfere in matters of the human world.”
“…Archer… Aren’t you lonely?”
“Huh? Why?”
“Because, you tried really hard, harder than anyone, to be able to do those things, right? There’s no way you could be so amazing from the start if you didn’t do anything. Shouldn’t you have been in the Olympics too, Archer?”
“On top of that, you should have been praised a whole bunch by everyone…”
“…… The place I wanted to go…was not a world behind the TV screen. I had an ideal I had to seek. To that end, I walked my own path and finally arrived.

“…I’m satisfied.

“But… Sometimes, you look really lonely, Archer-san, and your face looks like you’re hiding it when you look at us… Like when you were looking at the people on TV just now.”
“…! Kids…are…hmph…”
“Ahh…” “Ah…”
“*Fuuu*…I’m not lonely at all. I’m being watched over ever so kindly by you ladies, after all.”
“Yeah…” “Yeah…”

(Honestly… A child’s insight is nothing to make light of.)

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