Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 20 – The Cost of an Ideal


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 20 – The Cost of an Ideal

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“Archer… Is the kitty alright?”
“…I think he got hit by a car…even got stepped on a few times after that.”
“…I’m sorry, but he’s dead.”
“Yes. To see the light of day, talk with friends, feel happy… He can’t do that anymore. His future is… no more.”
“…Nn… That’s can’t be… He must have wanted to live on and be happy too… It doesn’t make any sense…! I can’t stand this…”
(Yes…I won’t accept the absurdity of lives continuing to be lost. I wanted power. I wanted power so that I could protect someone… To protect that someone from all the irrational things in this world. But…)
“… Rin, Sakura. You can’t protect every life… from things beyond comprehension. You can’t turn the clock back to an easier time either. That is what it means to be human. You can only protect a handful of things around you.”


“…And that’s why you two… Are human. It’s so that you can protect the important people you can reach… not to mention your own futures…”
“You have to live with all your strength…try not to look back with any regrets… That’s why, for now… We’ll mourn him. In his next life… we’ll hope he finds happiness.”
“With all our strength, we shall pray.”
*Sniff* Okay. I’ll pray hard…”
“Yes… Kitty, I hope you can be happy next time… Right now…i’ll pray for you as much as I can.”
“Yes. That’s right.”

6 thoughts on “Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 20 – The Cost of an Ideal

  1. The music was a nice touch…adding more power to this short yet bitter sweet tale.

    …thank you for sharing the translated stories (and the rest of your stuff here), we really appreciate it.

  2. Now this is a heartwarming moment if I ever saw one. It really is interesting to see Archer show such a tender side of himself.

    Thank you for doing this translation.

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