Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 27 – Experience and Love


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 27 – Experience and Love

“A-, Archer-san! P-, please try this!”
“Hm? It smells nice.”
“…Eh? Is this… A cookie? I thought you’ve been up to something in the kitchen lately, but… Hmm. I guess I’ll take one.”
“*heart pounding*”
“Hrm. Fifty points.”
“*disappointed*… Auu…”
“That’s mean, Archer!”
“(Holding Rin back with his hand) Sakura. How many times did it take to make these?”
“Uuu… If you include the failures, four.”
“Well done. Keep trying.
“…Eh? O-, okay…”
“Hmph… Cooking is made up of experience and love. Even if we take experience out of the equation, it’s obviously a lot of consideration was put into these.”< “I don’t know if you could give them to someone, but a person who receives them would definitely think of you, Sakura.”
“Woooow… Uh… Hey… Sakura… (whispering) You brought these to Archer so he could grade them for you, didn’t you…?”
“Auu… Yes…”
“Huh? What is it?”
“Haaa… To put it your way… You’re on the experience side of the fence, Archer.”
“Huh? What does that mean? Explain.”
“Normally you’d get it right away… How should I put it… Sakura, will you tell him?”
“It’s fine… Heh heh…”

“I’m going to hit a hundred…!”

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