Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 34 – The First Shrine Visit of the Year


Together with House Husband, Part 1, Chapter 34 – The First Shrine Visit of the Year

“Honestly… Do I really have to make a prayer…?”
“Of course! It’s New Year’s!”
“We want you to! Please!”
“…I guess I don’t have a choice…. Geez…”

*ring ring*… *thump*

“It’s my master’s orders, so I’ll make an unwilling prayer. Even if I prayed for someone who only tries to save his own skin like you, divine intervention seems unlikely… It’s a ruthless thing. So instead of you…

Yes. How about a small wish for those allies I mentioned? I can’t imagine divinity will listen to a wish that’s no more substantial than a ghost ship.

To the many gods of this country… Please, spare these children from a pointless death. If someone has to die, let it be me.

I’ll show you. I’ll protect them… from everything.

…Alright, I’ve made my prayer. I’ve even made an offering. Even so, I did it expressly so I could act as if I was attacking all that….!

I’ll make you regret it. Don’t think of me as just some ghost. Amongst the stores of the ancient weapons of this country, there exist many anti-divine weapons of ‘that type”.

…With that blade… I will make you understand me…!”

“Hey, Archer! What are you scowling for!? Geez!”
“Uuuuu! Archer-san, it’s New Year’s!”
“Hm… I suppose I involved you in a personal grudge. I was taking out my anger, in a way. I’m a poor excuse for a guardian.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Archer-san, what did you ask for?”
“Huh? Oh, I asked for help with Rin’s oversleeping.”
“What!? Oooooh, you idiot! …Ahhhh, fine! God, cancel that last wish!”
“Huh? What did you two ask for?”
“Who cares!” It’s a secret. Hee hee.”

The first shrine visit of the year.

There are things that must be protected, and so people pray for it from beings greater than themselves to please make it so. However, for a man for whom that wish was already granted in the worst possible way, he is aware that their power is not absolute. And so the man does not wish for protection. If there is conflict, he will confront it all himself. All the catastrophes and disasters to come will be annihilated.

Being a guardian entails being a cleaner. The absolute protector.

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