Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 36 – More than Family, Less than Lovers

Sakura so Cute

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 36 – More than Family, Less than Lovers

“Hm? What’s wrong?”
“My… Throat… Hurts…”
“Ah, your voice sounds awful! …Did you catch a cold?”
“Open your mouth and let me see.”
“…Hmm. Your throat’s swollen. You seem to have a slight fever too. First of all, gargle and wash your hands. You do it too just in case, Rin.”
“Yeah, okay!” *tmp tmp tmp*
“Ooooh… I’m… Sorry… Archer-san…”
“Huh? Heh heh… A cold is nothing to apologize for. If you feel that way, take care of yourself and get better quick. I would be happy too.”
“Okay… I’ll go gargle…”
“After you’re done I’ll wipe your body down too, so come and let me know. I’ll change the sheets in the meantime.”
“…Eh? (*blush*) Th-, that’s okay… I’ll do it myself, so…”
“Sick people shouldn’t be reserved. That’s a bad habit of yours, Sakura.
“…I guess I don’t have a choice. Here.” (Holds her in his arms)
“Wah! …Uwa wa wah!”
“I gargled, Archer… Where are you going?”
“The bathroom. I’m going to wipe her body down.”
“…Heh heh heh. Well, you caught a cold, so it’s alright if he does it for you, isn’t it, Sakura?”
“Ahhhh! You just think it’s someone else’s problem, Nee-san…”
“Is your face red? …Maybe your fever went up. Let’s go.”
“Have a nice trip, Sakura!”

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