Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 38 – Sorcery and People and…

Archer's Perfect Math Class

Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 38 – Sorcery and People and…

“*splash splash* *scrub*…”
“When you get used to it, gargling and washing your hands feels kinda good!”
“It does, doesn’t it.”
“But Archer, why have you been so obsessed with this thorough prevention stuff lately?”
“Sakamoto-san and Sakaki-san live just down the hill, and their children also got sick. It seems like there’s a really bad cold going around. Well, that’s what I got out of my discussion with them. Housewives are impressive.”
“… Hey, Archer, did you once say you were a mage?”
“Almost. I’m a magic user.”
“A magic user, huh. Since you came, Archer, this house has, well… It feels like the barrier has gotten weaker…”
“Hmph… Don’t be ridiculous. You’re under my protection, so why would the strength of the barrier lessen?”
“Hmm… Umm, how should I say it… When Dad was here, when people entered the barrier, even while they became aware of it, they were not conscious of it. It’s a precise method for getting rid of people. No one could even try to approach our father’s home.”
“Yes, that’s for sure. Aside from the barrier you mentioned, this house is protected with a number of barriers to defend against intrusion.”
“But, you know, after you came the yard brightened up, and Araiwa-san brought over some nice deserts, and you chat with people in front of the house, right?”
“Hmm… When I think about it, just what have I been doing… I’m sorry, you two… I’ve been careless.”
“Ah… No, that’s not what I mean! Umm, what should I say…”
“*shake shake* I know what you’re trying to say, Nee-san. Eh heh heh… We want to thank you, Archer-san.”
“…Huh? Why? My actions have lowered the defensive capability of this house as a base. I should be being reprimanded, so why are you thanking me…?”
“…Maybe as a mage… this is a mistake. But even so… This all feels right to us.”
“I think so too!”
“…I see. Then there’s nothing we need to change?”
“I hope you’ll make the best of it!”
“…Heh. Understood, my Masters.

Together With House Husband.

To a mage, closing a gate is to deny human logic. Beyond the gate lies the next world. Consequently, it is an expression of separation. The magic user is free. They have no studio, no limitations, they travel at a whim. Their world is always open. Perhaps his father always desired the freedom for him that he himself could not achieve as a magus.

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