Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 42 – Self Help


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 42 – Self Help

“…Can’t you two just let me go? I can’t do anything like this.”
“…No way.”
“We promised, so we’re not letting go.”
“No, we did promise, but at this rate I’m practically an immobile stone statue, and I can’t even cook, right? How about that, you two?”
“…(*stomach rumbling*)”
“Don’t laugh! Whose fault do you think this is!? You didn’t come back for half a day, too… We really thought you might have gone off somewhere… Idiot!”
“You could leave if we let go! So we won’t!”
“…Hmm… Heh. How can I get you to let go, then?
“…Always be with us.”
“If the The Holy Grail is an ‘almighty vessel’, then even if… You disappear someday, Archer-san…”
“…That… You can’t do. “That” Holy Grail doesn’t have the power you two seek…in the first place.”
“Then we’re not letting go!”
“Agghh… What should I do…”

“Everyone’s salvation…Huh. I could go on about it forever.”
“Even if it’s the heart of two people who are so small, what can I say…?”
“I can’t be saved. …No. I can’t save myself. So they’re probably trying to keep me here… In this happy place.”
“…My premise was mistaken. Can someone who can’t save himself truly save someone else…?”

Then, until they’ve had enough, the hero will keeping rubbing the children’s heads, solely for their sake.

Together With House Husband

A question directed at the ever-repeating inconsistency. But the answer is unexpectedly simple. In the end, true salvation… Is saving a person’s heart. Thus, a hero can’t save someone. They are alone.

In this heart, and on this road; there is no happiness to be gained. Satisfaction is found in people unknown even by their faces; as long as each one of them can smile at their families…

Thus… Heroes cannot save themselves… Even a hero, no matter what will they may possess, is still a human.

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