Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 44 – White Day


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 44 – White Day

“Here, you two.”
“Eh? Uwaaah…! A teddy bear cookie!”
“A Cat cookie! Cool!”
“Wh-, what’s this for?”
“It’s my return gift for White Day. Like them?”
“A-, amazing! You baked such a big cookie without breaking it…”
“Well, they took a little bit. Heh heh heh…”
“…” “……”
“F-, for the chocolate I gave… I just passed it through hot water and it hardened…”
“Auuu… I couldn’t do anything besides letter it…”
“Th, this is…”
“As girls… How should we take this?”
“What’s wrong?
“Archer, t-, teach me how to cook!”
“M-, me too! Something more complex!”
“…Huh? What?”
“It’s our pride as girls!”

Together With House Husband
The return gift for White Day was a big handmade cookie.

Somewhat Essential Notes after the Jump!

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Editor’s Note: White Day is one of Japan’s most widely celebrated holidays. White Day is basically, at it’s lowest level, a day in which an inversion of the roles in Valentine’s Day takes place.

When chocolate is given on Valentine’s Day (traditionally homemade chocolate to signify the intended recipient is the girl’s one love), guys return the favor on White Day.

The gifts given by Males (usually giri-choco, or courtesy chocolate) has to be, or is generally more valuable than the gift given to said male. 

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