That’s all Folks! Melty Blood Volume 6, Act 32 Translated!

To everyone who’s read this series…

The Future

Thanks for sticking around this long.

Thanks to the Beast’s Lair for kickstarting this little ball-
Thanks to double, for hosting and all-
Thanks to Azstraph for being a RAW scanner-
Thanks to my translator for an awesome job, chapter after chapter-
Thanks to Kirishima Takeru for drawing-
And Thank you, Type Moon, for everything.

Last but not least… Thank you for Reading!

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15 thoughts on “That’s all Folks! Melty Blood Volume 6, Act 32 Translated!

  1. wow, its done hard to believe, well there is act 2 so no need to be sad, looking forward to more releases (if your doing act 2)

  2. Thank you very much for bringing us this awesome series!

    Now for some theorycrafting

    I know that Tsukihime Shiki’s eyes are weaker than Kara no Kyoukai Shiki, but should it not be possible to erase the existance of vampirism in Sions body? Like KnK Shiki can do with illnesses? It should be possible since Shiki can at least see the roots of existance, but the problem would be to locate the vampirism part? Would Sions best shot lie in finding Zelrecht and have him port her to the KnK dimension?

    • Let the rampant debating begin 😈

      more a nitpick than anything else, but Tohno’s is more the destruction of something given that he seems to be able to use the eyes on objects and even poison.

      It’s also been said that he can only see the death of things he understands. Death of living things from his own near death experience and probably other things just from knowledge that things don’t last forever. Vampirism is a soul related affliction, and since Tohno’s lived as an ordinary person he wouldn’t know about souls and magic.

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