Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 49 – Rainy Day


Together with House-Husband, Part 1, Chapter 49 – Rainy Day

“…Huh? Ah, Nee-san. What’s wrong? This is the window…”
“Sakura, shhhh! …Archer isn’t here, right? Hup!”
“…Ah, Nee-san, you’re covered in mud! Geez…wait here for a second! I’ll go get a towel!”
“Ah, Sakura! …Ugh… I need to hurry and take a bath and wash up…”


“Sakura, about dinner…”
“Ah, th-, this isn’t what it looks like! I was playing in the mountains when it started raining all of a sudden, and when I tried to hurry and get home, I fell into a pile of leaves! I-, I never thought… My western clothes would get dirty…!”
“…I see. Well, you’re soaked, right? I’ll heat the bath up, so hurry and get in afterwards and get rid of all the mud.”


“I got a towel, Nee-san! A-, Archer-san!”
“Sakura, I’m going to go warm up the bath, so wipe Rin’s body down.”
“Ah… Hey, hey!”
“…Hm? What is it?”
“Umm… You aren’t mad?”
“…Huh? About what? Is it worth getting angry over?”
“B-, but… My western clothes got all dirty…”
“…Heh heh. Was all of what you said a lie?”
“N-, no, it isn’t it, but… If I’m this muddy, it’ll be hard to get the white blouse clean, right?”
“If the clothes are important, I’ll make sure to get them completely back the way they were.”
“Ah, ahh… No, that’s not it.”
“Hee hee… Nee-san, you’ll catch a cold, so shouldn’t he go heat the bath?”
“Ah, yeah… Umm, Archer?”
“I’m sorry I got my clothes dirty.”
“…Heh. I said you haven’t done anything bad.”
“Uuuu… I just wanted to apologize!”
“Hee hee!”

Together With House Husband
‘Tis the rainy season.

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